Jacketed plug valve supplier in Dubai

Middleeast valve is one of the largest  Jacketed plug valve supplier in Dubai.

Middleeast valve is one of the largest  Jacketed plug valve supplier in Dubai. In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and Istanbul, our jacketed plug valves are ideal for a variety of applications in diverse sectors.

What is a jacketed plug valve?

A jacketed plug valve is a type of industrial valve used in various applications where a high level of sealing is required. It consists of a cylindrical body with a tapered or cylindrical plug that rotates within the body to control the flow of fluid through the valve.

The jacketed plug valve is called “jacketed” because it features an outer shell or jacket that surrounds the valve body and the plug, creating a cavity between the two. This cavity is used to circulate a heating or cooling medium, such as steam or hot oil, to maintain the temperature of the fluid flowing through the valve.

The jacketed design is particularly useful in applications where the fluid being handled is viscous, sticky, or prone to solidification at low temperatures. By maintaining the temperature of the fluid, the jacketed plug valve helps to prevent clogging and blockages that can cause downtime and maintenance issues.

What is the plug valve used for?

A plug valve is a type of valve that is commonly used to control the flow of fluids or gases through a pipe. It is designed with a cylindrical or tapered “plug” that can be rotated inside the valve body to control the flow of the fluid or gas. Some common uses of plug valves include controlling the flow of crude oil, natural gas, and other petroleum products in pipelines; regulating the flow of chemicals and other fluids in chemical processing plants; and controlling the flow of cooling water and other fluids in power generation facilities.

Middleeast valve is a top Jacketed plug valve supplier in Dubai and can also be used in applications where abrasive or corrosive fluids are present, as they are less prone to damage from these materials than other types of valves.

Parts of jacketed plug valve:

  • Eye Bolt
  • Diaphragm
  • Spring
  • Actuator Stem
  • Scale Plate
  • Stem Connector
  • Yoke
  • Packing Flange
  • Gland Packing
  • Valve Stem
  • Gasket
  • Guide Ring
  • Valve Plug
  • Seat Ring
  • Valve Body
  • Jacket

Advantages of jacketed plug valve:

  • Cost effective
  • Quick Operation
  • Can be used in high temperature as well as high pressure operations
  • Easy installation
  • They come in simple design

Industries which use them:

  • Chemical Industry.
  • Oil and Gas Industry.
  • Petrochemical Industry.
  • Energy Industry.
  • Waste water treatment.

Applications of jacketed plug valve:

  • Oil piping systems.
  • Handling low-pressure, low-temperature services.
  • Plug valves may be used to control the flow of slurries and other liquids containing suspended solids.
  • Natural gas piping systems.


Body material: Cast Carbon steel plug valve (WCC, WCB, WC6), Stainless Steel plug valve [SS316, SS304, SS316L, SS904L, CF8, CF8M, F31L, F91], DUPLEX STEEL and Super duplex Steel plug valve (F51, F53, F55), Cast iron, Ductile Iron.

Class: 150-2500; PN 10 – PN 450

Size: 1/2”- 48”.

Operations: Lever actuated plug valve, electric actuated plug valve, pneumatic actuated plug valve, gear actuated plug valve

Ends: Flanged, butt weld, socket weld, threaded

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