Automation VS Robotics: In Modern World

This article will brief you about the difference between automation and robotics.

The words “automation” and “robotics” are frequently used interchangeably however there are some minor distinctions between them.

  • Automatization is the technique of utilizing technology to accomplish human tasks.
  • robotics is the method of creating robots that can perform specific tasks.

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Certain types of automation make use of robots. Not all robots are made to be used for process automation. However, most robots are used to accomplish this specific purpose and are used in particular contexts of industrial usage.

The traditional robots are equipped with sensors, such as visual and audio sensors – that enable them to execute complicated physical processes with no (or with minimal) help from a human. (An example of this is a robotic that moves around the warehouse, collecting goods to fulfill orders.)

But, there’s also an thing as a “software robot”, which is a computer-generated software. Software robots – that can also be described as robot process automation on the desktop or even robotics are made to execute virtual processes, not physical ones. For instance, certain companies make use of programs for data recognition that can be set so that it can “read” documents the same as a human. This eliminates the requirement to manually enter data, that if done by a human, can take a long time and be risky to make mistakes.

With more than 80 percent of companies currently using AI and 30% aiming to boost their investment over the next 3 years, companies who haven’t yet utilized the benefits of automation may be under pressure to catch up. But, there are so many alternatives that make it difficult to decide where to place your efforts. Automation? Robotics? Machine learning? What is the best technology to apply for your company?


Automation is expected to increase at a rapid rate across the globe in the near future that will result in an acceleration to the development and growth of Robotics within the Industrial segment. While at the same time, India is embracing Industry 4.0 at a moderate rate and has experienced a remarkable growth due to recent advancements in automation. Industry 5.0 is more recent and is centered on immediate personalization, customer service and the blending of human along with cobots (collaborative robots) to participate in the current industrial automation model. It also focuses on the latest technological advances.