6 must have sarees for bridesmaid

If you are looking for sarees, for bride made then read this article about, 6 must have sarees for bridesmaid


6 must have sarees for bridesmaid


Saree is not just a simple attire but a mark of heritage and sentiment, that has been passed down through ages. It is not only the prayers of a mother or the shine in the eyes of a father but also the nurturing nature of the family, it is also an emotional connection with your roots and how can you forget this piece of clothing when your that friend is getting married whom you have always annoyed by saying “god help the one who gets married to you or no-one is going to marry you:” Your little buddy has grown up and has sent you an invitation of their wedding, but as usual you have nothing to wear don’t worry we have got you covered. We are suggesting seven must-have sarees for bridesmaids so that you can attend the wedding and annoy the hell out of your most loved human. So without wasting any more time let’s jump into the article.


6 must-have sarees for bridesmaid


Here are the 7 must-have sarees for bridesmaids that you can choose from.


Organza: This saree is typically a see-through and lightweight fabric, that is generally a simple weave saree mostly adorned with thread embroidery work. It is an easy saree to carry as well as to style. When you choose this sari you can pair it with a sequin blouse piece and strappy heel in a traditional nivi-style draping.


Kanjivaram: This saree speciality that its body and border are woven separately  and then gets interlocked. They are woven in silk yarn, which gives you a luxurious look and feel.

Mercerized Cotton Gadwal: It is a luminous fabric adorned with delicate designs inspired by traditional architecture and motifs inspired by localities. As they are lightweight and easy to drape so you can try different draping styles inspired by your favorite celebrity. The most trendy style could be a dhoti drape inspired by the Maharashtrian culture this drape not only is very comfortable but will also make you stand out of the crowd.


Tussar Banarasi: This saree is handwoven in the city of Varanasi, with the smoothness of tussar silk with the lavishness of banarasi silk. This saree is a complete package in itself with detailed motifs and heavy zari work, carrying it is a very easy task with just a nude makeup look paired with red lipstick and open hair with just kundan studs that will make the head turn towards you. You can drape the regular nivi style with a broad pallu while you make some pleats near your arms and tuck them down in your hands like a bangle.


Staple Ghicha: It is made with a combination of silk and cotton yarn. The process of ghicha involves turning small fibers into yarn that are woven together. These sarees are comfortable to wear and draping them is super easy as well as, it does not hinder you while you are dancing and performing rituals. You can drape this pallu in a butterflystyle, in which the end of the pallu is tucked in the waistband in the right hip coming from the left shoulder.

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