Ultimate Guide to Designing the Perfect Walk-in Wardrobe

Walk-in wardrobes for bedroom solutions offer the latest in storage and organisation solutions.

From spacious, luxurious designs to simpler and streamlined closet systems, the walk in wardrobes can be whatever you want! Follow this guide for the best tips on designing and organizing a beautiful walk-in wardrobe that meets your needs.

Assess Your Space and Measurements.

Before you can begin designing the perfect walk-in wardrobe, it’s essential to assess the space you have and your measurements. This includes measurements of the floor, walls and ceiling – as well as any door widths, windows or other fixed objects which need to be incorporated into your design. Without accurate measurements, ensuring everything fits within the space won’t be easy. So make sure you note down anything you find so that you can plan for a successful design!

Choose Materials and Finishes.

Once you have a good idea of the measurements and elements in your wardrobe space, it’s time to choose materials and finishes. Consider the feel and aesthetic of the space you’d like to create based on your wardrobe needs. Do you want bright colours with modern fittings? Or are you more inclined towards wood material with warm colours? Also, consider practical considerations such as moisture resistance, anti-microbial qualities, anti-bacterial finishes, and easy cleaning – all things that must be considered for an effective walk-in wardrobe design.

Create a Focal Point or Feature Wall.

Have you ever seen a wardrobe that looks like a blank slate? Don’t be afraid to add some subtle design flair to your wardrobe. Consider creating an interesting wall feature that gives your storage space something special. You can use bold wallpapers, photo frames or artwork that offer a visual reference in the centre of the room so that it stands out when you first enter it. You can also include lighting fixtures or even floating shelves with integrated compartments to give the design more depth and authentic character.

Add Adequate Lighting Options.

Proper lighting is essential for a successful walk-in wardrobe design. Poorly lit wardrobes do not inspire confidence or serve your day-to-day needs effectively. You should have at least two different types of lights in your wardrobe; bright overhead ones and gentle, dimmable task lighting to make sure you can see clearly what you’re looking for during the morning downtime or when getting ready for work. Additionally, LED light strips around the frames and behind the furniture will give additional depth to the space and make it look more luxurious.

Prioritize Practicality With Smart Storage Solutions.

Ensuring you have the proper storage solutions is critical when designing a perfect walk-in wardrobe. Practicality and optimal use of space should be your top priority – ensure all your clothes, shoes and accessories are neat, tidy and easy to access. Install adjustable shelves and racks wherever possible so that everything fits perfectly while also ensuring you can take advantage of any excess storage space in the wardrobe. Drawers with organizational dividers are also an excellent option for extra neatness. Insert trousers racks or jewellery organization systems to maximize efficiency.