What is a Duplex house? duplex flats in Kolkata

Duplex houses are more common in the Indian real estate industry and it is now very common in Kolkata real estate market as well.

What is a duplex house? Meaning of Duplex house :

In the designs of duplex houses, they have a shared kitchen and a common dining area. However, it must be two-storeyed and they may have two entries as well.  So basically it is the two living areas in one identity and these two living areas can be designed as two-storeyed or side by side as well.

Indian duplex houses have some common features and are quite different from the others. In the Indian style, there is a hall, kitchen, and bedroom on the lower floor while on the second floor, they have a master bedroom. If you are looking for a definition for the duplex house it can be stated that the duplex houses must be two-storeyed. It will never be three or four-storeyed. In any case, if they increase the floors it will be called the multiplex.

In the Indian scenario, they are mostly owned by one person and they buy as a single property. Although they can have a separate entry.

In Western countries, the two floors of the duplex houses can be owned by two separate families and they sell properties like that. Or many times, one single person buy the whole duplex house and use it for rental purpose. This helps them in managing their financial prospect as well.

What are the types of duplex houses? Duplex house design :

Well, I hope by now the definition of the duplex house is clear for everyone. Now let’s get into the types they have in it.

1. Standard duplex house:

In standard duplex houses, there are two floors and the lower floor is connected to the upper floor with stairs. On the lower floor, they have a living area and kitchen while on the upper floor, they have bedrooms and a kid’s room.

2. Ground duplex house:

In the case of the ground duplex house, they designed it in a way where they use the ground floor of the apartments. So they have the lower floor facing towards the garden. These are best for families who have kids and pets in the house.

If I talk about the floor design they are quite the same as the standard duplex house because they also have a living room and kitchen area on the lower floor. On the upper floor, they have the bedroom and kid room.

3. Low-rise duplex:

Low-rise duplex houses are quite different from the rest of the two. Low-rise duplex houses have spacious balconies and an attic on the second floor. People are more tend to like this type of duplex house because of their attractive designs.

Low-rise duplex gets built in a much smaller area in comparison to the other two and it needs a lot of effort from the architects as well. So it is important for real estate companies to hire the right architect to build a perfect low-rise duplex house. In this case, I have to mention that Realtech Nirman always focuses on hiring the right architects and designers for the highest satisfaction of the consumers. So it is safe for you to connect with Realtech Nirman if you are looking for a duplex house.