Foothills Pain Management Clinic

Dedicated to conservative pain management and restoring the quality of our patients' lives by relieving their pain.

The best quality care has no shortcuts.

We refuse to become complacent in old techniques and practices. We want to provide you with the most advanced pain management strategies possible. We are dedicated to restoring the quality of life for people like you who just want some relief from their pain. We will do whatever it takes to

 It’s no accident that we focus on providing Conservative Pain Management.

Conservative treatments are better for a patient’s long-term health and wellbeing. We focus on is investing time and effort to provide better, safer long-term results. This means less reliance on addictive opioid medications and a higher focus on pain coping strategies.

Our dedication to conservative treatment has made Foothills Pain Management Clinic a leader in our field and a recognized name among the medical and patient communities.

We recommend that all patients arrive at their appointments early, but during your initial consultation, we advise arriving 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time to complete all necessary patient registration forms. You can save some time in the step by downloading the forms ahead of time from the links below and bringing the completed forms with you. You can also request got the forms to be faxed over to you in advance as well.

Here is a checklist of items you should bring to your initial consultation:

  • Please bring your insurance card with the information for your active insurance

  • If your insurance is through an HMO please bring the authorization with you as well

  • You should know the extent of your benefits and how much of a co-pay or deductible you should expect as they will be required to be paid in full before you will be seen by a physician

  • Please bring one of these valid form of payment: cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express

  • Please bring a valid government-issued identification card with a photo

  • Please bring a full list of your current and past medications and their bottles, especially if they are pain medications

  • Please bring a list of any questions or concerns you would like to discuss with your doctor regarding your condition and/or treatment

  • Please bring any previous medical records you have pertaining to what you are being treated for including imaging reports such as X-rays, MRIs, and CTs.


Pre-Procedure Instructions:

Here is a list of pre-operative instructions:

  • Please notify your physician as soon as possible if you are taking any blood-thinning medications such as aspirin, Eliquis (Apixaban), Pradaxa (Dabigatran), Savaysa (Edoxaban), Arixtra (Fondaparinux), Fragmin, Innohep, Lovenox (Heparin), Xarelto (Rivaroxaban), Coumadin, Jantoven (Warfarin)

  • You must stop any blood-thinning medications 7 days prior to your procedure

  • It is your responsibility to make transportation arrangements for the day of your procedure since you will not be allowed to drive yourself home

  • If you decide to use a transportation network such as Uber or Lyft oh, you must still be accompanied by a responsible, trusted adult

  • It is important to notify your physician or staff immediately if there has been any change in your physical condition, including a cold, fever, persistent cough, or if you think you could be pregnant

  • Please bring something to store your glasses in if you wear glasses regularly

  • You must refrain from eating or drinking 8 hours prior to your procedure. This includes not drinking any water or coffee or eating mints or chewing gum. If you need water to take medication, please do so with only a small sip

  • You may still brush your teeth but you must remember to not swallow any of the contents

  • It’s important to refrain from any tobacco or nicotine usage since partaking in these  substances has proven to increase surgical risk

  • Please bathe or shower prior to your procedure and do not use any makeup, lotions, or oils after bathing

  • You will likely be groggy after your procedure, so it is important to wear loose clothing such as sweatpants and easy to button shirts or blouses, as well as comfortable shoes — please do not come to your appointment in high heels under any circumstances

  • Leave all valuables including jewelry and cash at home. Foothills Pain Management Clinic will not be responsible for any damaged or lost property

  • Bring all of your medications in their bottles on the day of your procedure

  • Be prepared to sign a consent form for the procedure on the day of your  procedure

  • Please keep in mind that we will ask your family to wait in the lobby until you’re fully recovered.