US Tourist Visa From India Open Or Not

The US Tourist Visa B1 and B2 are non-immigrant US Visas.

US Tourist Visa From India Open Or Not?

Are you looking for US tourist visa agents in India? We are the best US tourist visa Consultants in Delhi. The US Tourist Visa B1 and B2 are non-immigrant US Visas. A US tourist visa also allows entering the United States for business purposes with a company operating within the country. Apply for your USA tourist visas online. For more details visit the site or contact us.

Everything you need to know about US Dependent Visa Introduction

Dependant visas are issued by the US Department of State to spouses and unmarried children (under 21 years) of lawful Permanent Residents (LPR) or Green Card holders. The Dependent visa is also known as a Derivative visa, as it derives from an immigrant visa which is granted to the spouse or child on the basis of their relationship with an LPR.A US Dependent Visa affords applicants some benefits that non-immigrants do not enjoy, such as employment authorization in some cases.

The application process for the US Dependent Visa

The application process for the US Dependent Visa is a two-step process:
First, you need to apply for a visa. This is done through your nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. This can take some time, so it’s best to start this process as early as possible. You will need to provide proof of relationship (a marriage certificate or birth certificate) with someone who has been granted classification as an immediate relative of a U.S citizen (your husband/wife), and proof of income from that person’s job in the States (invoices etc). If your application is successful, then you will be issued with a document known as an E2 visa stamp which allows entry into the US multiple times until its expiration date (usually about three years).
Once you have returned home after visiting America on this visa, US Tourist Visa from India you need to apply for another one if you want to go again within those three years; otherwise, this initial period ends and must not be extended unless there are exceptional circumstances such as illness or death in the family resulting from which travel back home was impossible due only these reasons alone!

Eligibility Criteria for USA Dependent Visa

To be eligible for a US-dependent visa, you must meet the following criteria:
●You are the spouse, child or parent of a US citizen.
●You must be a citizen of a country that has a treaty with the US.

To ensure your eligibility,it is important to verify whethery our country has such an agreement with the United States and its requirements are met. This can be done by contacting UK Visa Consultants in Delhi.

Types of US Dependent Visas

●US Dependent visa for children of US citizens
●US Dependent visa for spouses of US citizens
●US tourist visa

Documents Required for a US Dependent Visa

The following documents will be required if you wish to apply for a US-dependent visa:
A passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of application. This must alsohave at least 2 blank pages in it so that the visa can be affixed thereon. The passport should have been issued before the date of your application; unless you are applying under exceptional circumstances and have made an appeal for a waiver of this rule, which is extremely rare. You may check with your local embassy or consulate if you believe that this applies to you, but generally speaking, it does not work in your favor.

● A Visa Application Form was filled out accurately and truthfully (this includes having answered all questions honestly). In addition to using black ink only on white paper, ensure that all information is legible and neatly written down as requested by instructions provided by each applicant’s specific consulate or embassy website.

Benefits of a US Dependent Visa

You should apply for a US dependent visa if you are a spouse, minor child or adult unmarried child of an American citizen.The visa is easy to get and it is also easy to renew. You can work while you have the visa and travel outside the US like any other tourist. You can bring your family with you as well as stay in the US for as long as desired.


A US dependent visa is a crucial document for the alteration of status from F2 to F1 or M2 to M1 It also allows you to change your course from Post-Graduation or Masters to a Doctorate program in the USA.