How will the school management system help parents?

The school management system is gaining popularity over the last few years owing to technological advancements and rising digitization in various industries.

The school management system is gaining popularity over the last few years owing to technological advancements and rising digitization in various industries. It enables the schools to streamline all activities, manage data and activities more securely and help in easy communication among the teachers, students, and parents.

Here’s how a student management system helps parents along with the students and teachers.

Attendance Records-

The parents can access the school management system using credentials given by the authorities to access student information. The ERP campus solution collects students’ attendance data and stores it in the system. Whenever the student is absent from the classroom, the parents are notified about it using SMS/Email notifications. This helps them to get an idea about the student’s presence in the classroom.

The system helps to reduce students’ absenteeism as the parents are constantly notified about their activities. Further, it helps them to be accountable for students’ activities in the classroom. The students attend lectures and avoid proxies and other unfair means to mark their attendance.

Easy Communication with Faculty-

The parents can make use of the school management system to easily get in touch with the teachers or other faculty members in the institute. They can get information about what is students’ behavior in the classroom, problems faced by them, or complaints regarding the management. Further, the teachers can easily talk with the parents to address the problems faced by the students and how they can be solved.

This increases parents’ involvement in the activities of the students and makes them learn and grow. Further, the students can talk to teachers and ask about their doubts, difficulties, problems, and any other issues faced by them in school. It increases communication and transparency of operations between the students, parents, and teachers.

SMS/Email Notifications-

The parents receive personalized information about the student or school’s notices regarding fee payments, holidays, the admission process, and others using the online school management system. The system helps them to send important notices to the parents using an SMS/email notification service. In this way, the information reaches the parents in real-time, within seconds. It reduces faculty efforts of communicating with parents.

Further, the ERP campus solution sends automatically generated notifications regarding pending tasks, fees date, online receipts, and other information. Further, the parents can connect with teachers and faculty members online in case of any problems or difficulties.

Tracking Student Behavior-

The school management system helps the parents to keep complete track of students’ activities in the system. It enables them to get information about a student’s performance in various subjects, and feedback given by teachers on different topics like classroom behavior, student activities, participation, online examination, class tests, interaction in the classroom, and with other students in the school.

It enhances parents’ contribution toward students’ learning outcomes and works towards their overall development.

Improving Admission Process-

The school management system enhances parents’ experience of admission management as the entire system can be automated and digitized. The parents have to fill out the online registration form to apply for admission. It generates a merit list, gives admission status on the online portal, and helps to reduce faculty workload.

Further, the parents can easily communicate with the faculty for any inquiries. They can conduct online payments using activities using credit/debit cards, net banking, online gateways, and UPIs. They also receive a receipt of the payment online. The entire process is tracked in the system and eliminates the risk of any inaccuracy in data.


The school management system is a robust software to manage the complex activities of the school. It comes with advanced technologies and feature-rich solutions. The system is easy to use for the students and parents on mobile phone as well as a laptop. It is an easy to use and highly secure solution, based on a cloud platform.