App Categories that Will Be Trend Post Covid World

In the world of this android app development for many years. Today with this article our aim is to bring alive a vivid picture of an android app.

App Categories that Will Be Trend Post Covid World

We don’t know for how long the effects of the COVID pandemic are staying put. This is the reason numerous organizations are preparing for this new typical period. Adaptable and inventive organizations are developing further than others.

How about we investigate the main 5 application classifications that will turn into the most beneficial, powerful, and achieved organizations in the post-COVID situation?

  1. Medical Services Apps

Medical services apps have come as guardian angels in this touchy time when everyone is worried about well-being. Since we are not doing actual developments a great deal nowadays, medical services apps like wellness apps, reflection apps, clinical consideration apps, and psychological well-being applications are helping individuals in keeping them sound both truly and intellectually.

Online workout regimes teach how to do essential yoga or contemplation for keeping ourselves sound in any event, when remaining at home, the need for a reasonable eating routine, and the sorts and advantages of activities. On-request specialist applications offer guidelines on clinical example tests, brief meetings, advanced solutions, and medication conveyance.

A report by App Annie says that in March 2020, a mix of ten wellness apps consolidating Asana Rebel, 30 Day Fitness, and Nike Training Club has seen right around 5 million downloads in just a single week.

  1. Staple Apps

It’s not possible for anyone to make do without goods. Subsequently, basic food item apps are quite possibly the most significant application classes on our rundown that have seen a positive outcome during the pandemic. Individuals are worried about getting contaminated with the infection; henceforth, they are not prepared to get out of their homes for shopping for food.

Here, the staple apps assume their parts. These apps keep up the speed with the ascent popular and feed individuals most safely. The most well-known basic food items applications like H-E-B, Target, Shipt, Instacart and Walmart experienced countless downloads during this overall emergency.

  1. FinTech Apps

FinTech or account is another application class that is encountering a colossal expansion sought after. The vulnerability in the economy alongside the inability to visit banks has made numerous individuals utilize mobile apps for taking care of their cash.

A report from App Annie says that in Q1 2020, the entire time spent on money applications expanded by practically 55%. The increment was more honed at 90% and 85% separately in South Korea and Japan. In April 2020, a FinTech application named Robinhood positioned #1 on application stores in its classification and expanded by 260%.

From central exercises like taking care of bills, utilizing financial balances, and asset moving, to things like stock observing, exchanging, contributing, and individual budgeting the executives, all have gotten conceivable because of mobile apps. Clients look for easy-to-understand, dependable, and secure apps, to tackle every single money-related issue.

  1. Dating Apps

Dating apps have seen a huge flood during this worldwide lockdown period. There was just a 5.3% expansion in utilizing these apps in 2019. However, during the Coronavirus episode, we have seen a tremendous expansion in the download of apps like Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder as all eye-to-eye meet-ups have been restricted.

In 2019, it was at that point determined that more people would meet their accomplices basically by 2035. On 29th March 2020, Tinder clients overall swiped through 3 billion likely matches. Furthermore, this was a record-breaking occurrence.

  1. Diversion Apps

Drawing in amusement apps assist individuals with diminishing their fatigue. During this pandemic, amusement apps like Scrabble GO, IMDb, Snapchat, Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and so on have experienced an extraordinary flood. Children are enraptured in gaming applications for connecting with themselves and get very fun during this basic situation.

Grown-ups are additionally occupied with news applications to get refreshes on current happenings universally. News apps like Google News, BBC News, CNN, and so on have gotten more well-known as individuals are interested and worried about the latest happenings around the world.


So, after reading this post, you see that users are spending more and more time on mobile apps. Such app categories were just an easy and convenient option earlier, but they have become essential today. 

That’s why it’s a perfect time to emerge with new ideas, creativity, and visions to allow your business to survive, be it a regular or any adverse situation globally. So, hire a leading mobile app development company like Frantic Infotech today and ease your job of app development.