Font & Text Best Practices for Web Story Success

Perfect storytelling in web stories is great merged with the best text.

Perfect storytelling in web stories is great merged with the best text. The correct typography can create tone, style, and mood. Text is becoming essential to indicate inclusivity to folk suffering from hearing impairment. Also, it helps the increasing trends of people viewing content on mute.

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If you wish more people to view your web story, give time to the correct typography. It enables the users to take in the essential context and narration before switching to the visual narrative. It’s inappropriate to utilize images or videos with text blazing into the web story slide as Google can’t index them, nor are they only receptive to numerous screen sizes.

But you can get lost within the massive world of typography and fonts. This would guide to the unreadable text. If a viewer can’t read your text, you have already missed them. The right text and font practices for improving the web story experience provide the following:

Text Range

Keep body text and titles brief on each slide.

  • The suggested title length must be between ten to forty letters, including spaces. The rest of the text inside the slides must not cross 200 letters. To get a better idea that is no larger than a tweet.
  • Tools such as MakeStories keep track of this for you. The tools verify the web story text and give clear notifications if you’re exceeding or short of the correct character limit.


Most people like viewing Web Stories on smartphone devices, and the font they use can break or make their legibility. Users need more time to decipher the text on the screen.

  • Digital web story generator tool MakeStories features more than 1400 fonts to enhance your content type and brand.
  • Also, it offers Text Combinations that are useful for each web story creation and editorial team. The text combinations are exclusive font combinations in size and style. Creators can drag and drop a desired font combination for their brand and content and change and drag the unit to enlarge its size appropriately. The font unit expands and decreases in size in the fixed ratio, so you don’t need to make additional adjustments upon dragging.


Getting the perfect font size for smartphone device viewing can take time and effort. MakeStories has in-built suggested font sizes for Paragraph and Headings content. These differ from the biggest proposed header at 25px, Second Heading at 23.5px, Third Heading at 22px, and Paragraph text at 14 and 16. These tested and tried font sizes remove the requirement for experiments on a designer’s end.


The text on a web story must be creatively impressive but should be clear at the same time.

  • Choose a contrasting color that is pleasant yet enables the text to come over evidently. If the background picture or video is too bright or busy, attach a text box to enhance visibility. There is nothing a text box can’t resolve.
  • Creator tools such as MakeStories offer features enabling designers to complete tasks quickly. Things such as Background color immediately attach a text box behind a text. Other tools allow you to choose Opacity, Box Shadow, or Drop Shadow. These can also improve text visibility when keeping the web story slide pleasing.
  • MakeStories also provides filters for the text if you don’t need to work around it manually with contrasts and brightness. Some of the famous text filters are Hue-Rotate and Sepia.


While utilizing text boxes with padding, fonts play an essential role in their optical impact. Maintaining balanced vacant spaces between the text and the box is known as padding; when text overlaps or touches the edges of boxes, it will make your text disturbing or illegible to the eye. Creator tool MakeStories, free and easy to use for enterprises of every size until December 2022, has a simple method to fix this, too, with the four-sided padding feature.

Text Animation

You can bring web stories to life with animated text. This is particularly helpful when you’re working with static pictures. An animated text can allow you to stand out and generate a memorable experience for the viewers.