Development of post ems service

Development of post ems service.How has EMS evolved as a service?

How has EMS evolved as a service?


Since its inception, EMS Cooperative has been working to enhance post ems services and overall products. Some of these features include:

  • EMS operation guide and online database
  • Audit and measurement procedures
  • EMS Performance Standards
  • EMS product and delivery training
  • EMS standard protocol and general procedures
  • EMS Customer Service System (CSS) for international EMS inquiries

One of the latest developments in EMS, Electronic Advance Data (EAD), ensures better security, reduces delays and improves the customer experience. As a result of the successful EAD rollout, from 2021 postal operators must transmit EAD when sending mail internationally.

The EMS Cooperative organizes a global seminar to provide EMS members with the latest information on international EAD requirements. Examples of best practices include China Post’s presentation on EAD implementation.


Can You Trust post ems services To Send International Parcels?


EMS operates but there are many different post ems services, so online reviews are mixed depending on which carrier the sender chooses to use the post ems service.

However, EMS is an international postal mail service created by UPU, the world’s largest postal union. EMS delivers about 8 million packages every week, and its premium service offers the fastest turnaround time for international parcels and package deliveries.

In addition, the annual “EMS Market and Traffic Survey” provides operators with the latest global insights and regional trends in EMS. This marketing intelligence ensures the continued growth of EMS operators by enabling them to respond to emerging challenges in a timely manner. Furthermore, this foresight helps the company make strategic decisions to improve the customer’s EMS as a whole.


How are EMS services rated?


Bronze, Silver and Gold awards are awarded annually to EMS operators based on their annual performance. These EMS winners are all recorded in the EMS half country. Many shipping and logistics companies offer EMS-like services (such as DHL and FedEx’s express options), however, despite competition from private couriers, EMS remains popular (such as China Post EMS). The EMS Collaboration continues to strive for best practice in EMS and, with the support of the UPU, investment in EMS development has increased year on year.