Rodent Kit is Full Control Solution to Your Rodent Problem

Rodents can be found everywhere near and inside the household areas and these rodents can also damage the household-use things.

Rodents can be found everywhere near and inside the household areas and these rodents can also damage the household-use things. Thus, finding the effective solution for these rodents’ problem is more important with the use of rodents control products in Singapore. At, BugsStop, you will find a wide range of rodents control kits and it’s the full control solution to your rodent problem! Based on our Pest Guru’s recommendation, this rodent kit provides you the complete solution to your household rodent problem. The bundle provides solution from trapping to deodorization and sealant of gaps. Lets explore more about this premium quality rodent control kits and other pest control products available in Singapore market from BugsStop here.

Controz Rodent Glue Board Benefits:

– Pre-baited with peanut butter scent (ensure higher captured rate)

– Designed for better flexibility placement

– Perpendicular glue (strengthen glue to reduce escape rate)

– Non-poisonous and disposable

Bytrac Benefits:

– Kill insects via the natural active ingredient

– Applied as a barrier to seal off any insect or rat entry points

– Unique grease formulation provides long-lasting repellency effect

– Designed for easy and flexible application

Earth Care Odor Remover Bag Benefits:

– Removal of odor in 24 hours via neutralization

– Safe to use around children and pets

– Biodegradable

– Non-flammable

– Scentless and do not contain any allergic airborne particle


Targeted Pest: Rodent

Kit contains:

  • 4 x Controz Rodent Glue Board
  • 2 x 90g tube Bytrac
  • 2 x 500g Earth Care Odor Remover Bag

For use in: Indoor (false ceiling, underneath fridge, warehouse)

Controz Rodent Glue Board : Place glue boards near corners, along the walls or in areas with suspected rodent activities. Glue board can be folded, following the perforated lines. If contact with glue, use vegetable oil for removal.

Bytrac : Apply the gel on potenial entry cracks and crevices to reduce and block the insects from entering the premises.

Earth Care Odor Remover Bag : Hang the odor bags near the odor. Odor will be removed in 24 hours! For better effect, may mist some water into the air, in rooms with odor bags.

Final Thoughts: Rodents are found everywhere near the household area and to control these rodents; we use many rodent control products. However, few rodent control kits work effectively to control these rodent problem and gives long term solution for a healthy life. Many positive recommendations for this high quality rodent control kit from BugsStop make it unique in Singapore, and this rodent control kit give long run solution to rodent and other pest control problems. Lets explore and buy rodent kit and other pest control products from BugsStop – Your best and No 1 pest control solution in Singapore.