PEO Experience Requirements For Engineers

The PEO experience requirement is four years of engineering work experience as per Ontario law.

The PEO experience requirement is four years of engineering work experience as per Ontario law. You need to gather this much experience before you can attain your professional engineering licence. At least one year of your experience must be attained in a Canadian jurisdiction. It ensures the authority that you have a sufficient amount of exposure to Canadian engineering codes, technical standards, legislation, and regulations.

PEO assesses the engineering experience of candidates taking into account five quality-based criteria:

  • Application of theory
  • Practical experience
  • Management of engineering
  • Communication skills and
  • Awareness of the social implications coming from engineering

To attain an engineering licence, you must demonstrate at least 48 months of acceptable, verifiable engineering experience you gained after completing your undergraduate engineering degree.

Creating work experience record:

To help with the PEO review and help you make sure that your PEO Experience Record provides sufficient information, you organize your experience record in the following way:

Fill out the Experience Record Form (including the company name, location, and employment dates (month and year). Periods of not being on duty (traveling, employed) must be listed with dates.

For each position about which you are reporting, give the authority a small paragraph in which you describe your job responsibilities highlighting your engineering duties.

Describe how the work experience you earned in that position fulfills each of the five criteria (application of theory, management of engineering, practical experience, communication skills, and awareness of the social implications of engineering).

Key considerations when describing your engineering activities:

  • Pay heed to what you did as it relates to each of the 5 engineering criteria. Structure the description to include not only what you did, but the way and reason for doing it. You may use the format ‘I did….using… so that..’
  • You must be specific about your activities as opposed to the work of the team. ‘I determined the head load…’
  • Give sufficient information regarding the complexity of the situation.

Only by writing your report this way, you will be able to fulfill the PEO experience requirement criteria.