The Best Yoga Postures to Boost Your Digestion

Best Yoga Postures to Boost Your Digestion by namaste yoga school

Yoga refers to” union”. Unlike the standard definition of the latter, union in Yoga refers to the union to God or the attainment of ego-self with the infinite spirit. It is a spiritual discipline, art, and science. One can feel the overall benefit of practising yoga with the improvement of the soul and mind.

This post will not only outline different yoga postures for improving your digestive health but also show you how practising them regularly can produce noticeable results.

Why is yoga important for digestion and the overall functioning of the body?

Practising yoga benefits both the physical and mental disciplines. It plays a key role in achieving a peaceful state of both the body and mind. Yoga is a beautiful art of managing stress and anxiety. It boosts blood circulation, thereby keeping you relaxed. Besides, it also makes a positive contribution to the overall functioning of the body by increasing its flexibility and strengthening the muscles.

Often the digestive system gets hampered when one eats spicy foodstuffs. As a result, one suffers from food intolerances, allergies, and other associated problems. The gastrointestinal tract is often quite sensitive to emotions. By calming down the body as well as the mind, yoga keeps it in a relaxed state. This fosters better digestion and keeps the belly in shape. Practising proper yoga positions helps boost the secretion of fibre and digestive enzymes. There are twists and turns involved which help wring out the gastrointestinal tract and let things keep moving.

Yoga postures to get a proper functioning digestive system

Cramping, indigestion, constipation and bloating are naturally controlled by following good yoga positions.

  1. Wind relieving posture or Pavanamuktasana

This is a perfect yoga position helping you to combat sluggish digestion. The posture helps trapped wind to move out of your body. Taking this pose slowly helps you to get the pose associated with breath. When you draw your knees into your chest, you simply exhale. This is accompanied by inhaling. The practice is a highly recommended one just before going to bed.

  1. Peacock pose or mayurasana

This is one of the highly recommended postures. Practising this position helps you see the results quickly. It helps you attain proper digestion in no time. All you need to do is apply pressure on the digestive tract and organs. Balancing your body weight on the arms cuts the blood circulation to digestive organs. As soon as you release, there is a gushing supply of fresh oxygen-filled air into your body. The position helps improve blood flow and boost overall digestive activity. This position also helps the movement of stuck food.

  1. Half Lord of the Fishes or Ardha Matsyendrasana

This posture mainly comprises of twists to boost digestion. The posture gives a specific ability to enhance the digestive system, to improve circulation, and bowel movement. With a twisting, you naturally reduce blood flow to the regions incorporating the digestive organs. On releasing this posture, “oxygenated” blood rapidly moves into the digestive organs.

  1. Corpse pose or savasana

A resting position helps to trap the fresh air into the parasympathetic nervous system. This posture works on the “rest and digest” response system. Lying down still helps reduce stress, and thus helps create a healthy environment. If you remain in this position will improve the flow of blood from different parts of the body to the digestive tract. The posture helps boost oxygenation to the digestive tract. The pose helps in proper blood flow, cleansing, healing and bowel movements.

  1. Seated Forward Fold or Paschimottasana

This posture is for stretching and lengthening the back. Apart from boosting the posture, it also improves digestive health. All you need to have is a pillow on your thighs, thus allowing the belly to rest upon the pillow when you fold in the forward direction. This position is particularly beneficial in creating space for digestive massage. Repetitive mode causes compression. This is followed by exaltation and compression. It may seem a little tricky to you early on. However, you will get used to it if you follow it regularly.

If you are facing any problem related to digestion, you must give these positions a try. The surprising results will be surely appreciated. Wish you good health!

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