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Good makeup tips to get with good makeup blogs

Good makeup tips to get with good makeup blogs in this article to read.

Cheng Shi’an: I will teach some makeup tips and some beauty techniques, and I will also recommend some useful products. I am a very conscientious blogger. I never recommend any products to us just to meet Hiroko. I buy what she recommends. However, it is really cheap and easy to use.Yongzai leo: He is a very professional makeup artist. The videos in her original makeup blog are very attentive. I learned to use his videos for basic makeup, contouring, and highlighting, which are relatively technical techniques. It is very detailed and easy to learn, even if it is a small makeup White can be learned without any foundation.Stephy Xie Tingting: I first learned how to draw eye shadow and how to trim and thrush my eyebrows. I learned from her, and she taught me very well. I remember her eye shadow video has a special template for drawing, and I learned it quickly after watching her video. She has a long face, which is the same shape as mine, so I also refer to her video for my blush painting. Good makeup blog is rare to read.

Huamei: A conscientious blogger, his videos will talk about some professional knowledge, especially the principles of skin care, such as acne, oil on the outside and dryness on the inside, which is very good.It is good to have some good tips with useful makeup blog.

Alan is very gentle: This is a product evaluation blogger, and the evaluation is very professional

Luo Wangyu: He released a series called Seven-Day Hands-on Skin Care, in which he directly recorded his seven-day daily skin care process, and then explained this video, which is very friendly to babies who don’t know how to skin care. He also recently released a military training how not to tan, which is to teach how to apply sunscreen. His videos are also very good, and the products he promotes are also very conscientious, and they are all very careful.If you read careful in latest makeup blog,you will find good tips.

Liu Qifu: This blogger is very interesting, she will teach us how to cut bangs. In addition to a series of videos, she called “When a beauty blogger stares at you for makeup”, which is very interesting, such as how to cover dark circles, how to apply base makeup, etc., you draw according to the blogger’s method, and the drawing is completely different from that The effect may be that the details are not well grasped, and you can find the answer in her video.

Malatang: She specializes in teaching pseudo makeup, she will teach you to draw a good makeup without any skills, pay attention, yes, without any skills.

PanYRun PanYR: Compared with the previous few, I watch relatively few of her videos, because the products she recommends are a bit expensive for me, and the price may be higher for the student party, but she is also very conscientious and budget-friendly. Gao sisters can go and see.

I can’t remember the others for the time being, I will add them when I brush them up