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How to Stream Youtube Without Buffering

Annoyed when you’re having fun YouTube turns out to be buffering? Don’t worry, bro, there are several ways you can do to watch Youtube streaming


How to Stream Youtube Without Buffering – Annoyed when you’re having fun YouTube turns out to be buffering? Don’t worry, bro, there are several ways you can do to watch Youtube streaming without worrying about buffering and the video plays smoothly even with the same connection.

With its high level of popularity, it is not surprising that more and more people are uploading videos to Youtube. Even now being a Youtuber is also a thing that is quite in demand because it can make a lot of money when placing ads on their Youtube channel account.

With so many people uploading videos, the video options available are even more diverse and available in various categories ranging from kids, tips and tricks, video clips, parody, to tutorials, all of which you can easily access on this site.

Youtube seems to have become the second place for internet users after Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. This site is a great place to stop for a moment and entertain yourself by watching various funny videos or other videos that suit your taste.

However, there are times when you experience various problems when accessing videos from these sites, usually this is due to a slow internet connection or low internet quota so that when you are watching streaming video from an Android device, the video being watched will be intermittent or intermittent. buffering.

How to Stream Youtube Without Buffering with Slow Internet?

The Opera Mini browser that is widely used on smartphone devices offers a feature that can help increase the speed of video streaming, this feature is called Video Boost. Indeed, this is a new feature of Opera Mini.

This feature is able to reduce video buffering while speeding up loading times on Youtube. Then how? Check out how to watch YouTube video streams without buffering below:

1. Open the Opera Mini browser application on your Android smartphone. If you don’t have it already, download the app from Google Play.

2. After successfully downloaded and installed, open the browser.

3. After that, open the opera logo in the lower right corner.

4. Change to high mode. Later you can find the video boost feature. Put a check mark on the feature.

5. Next, go to the Settings menu in Opera Mini.

6. Tap on App Layout.

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