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The 7 Things That Really Look Good on a College Application

The first step for universities to learn about you and why they would want you on their campus is through your college application.

The college application procedure is not simple. If you are having trouble and are unsure of what will impress admissions officers, you have come to the perfect place.


The first step for universities to learn about you and why they would want you on their campus is through your college application. Your behaviors, pursuits, and propensities are highlighted in the application. Applications that are accurate show thought and diligence.


To find out some of the attributes you should aim for when considering including any in the application, keep reading.

What Looks Good On Online College Application?

All colleges value intelligent, ambitious, and passionate students, despite the fact that they all use various evaluation techniques. The more exclusive the college application evaluation, the more exceptional you should aim to be; if you intend to get in, you need to create a lasting impression. Your college application needs to highlight your best qualities because of this.


Look at the list below if you want to know what volunteer activity shows up well on college applications or if you still have questions regarding “How can I stand out in college?” To maximize your chances of being accepted, we’ve highlighted the precise attributes you should work toward and mention in your application.

  • High GPA

High GPA students are recognized more and have more possibilities available to them. A strong GPA, for instance, can support your efforts to enroll in graduate or post-graduate programmes, take part in extracurricular activities, join other organizations and groups, and apply for scholarships.


Please don’t put off raising your GPA until it’s too late. In the game of college admissions, it is crucial. You might have lost out on an opportunity to make an impression if you wait until your late junior or senior year to start making adjustments.

  • Outstanding Test Scores

Your SAT or ACT score can make you stand out whether or not it is required. View the school profiles to learn more about the typical score range at the schools you are considering. Take a practice SAT or ACT to see where you stand, and then. Make a plan for your test preparation to help you become a better test taker. You can get scholarships to help you pay for college and admission to your top universities of choice with a good score.

  • Educational Clubs

It’s a great idea to start a club in college. The traits that college admissions directors look for in applicants—initiative, leadership, and drive—are all demonstrated in this kind of high school project.


But you shouldn’t form a group merely to impress the admissions committee with your college application. Motivated by a desire to improve your high school and its students, you should start a club.

  • Jobs Or Internships

It goes without saying that each year, it gets harder to get into colleges. Sometimes having a flawless GPA or exam scores alone is insufficient. If you believe that to be the truth, make sure you have something more convincing to support your claim and earn you more points. This may be an internship or a job you held while in school.


Your ability to successfully multitask will be demonstrated to your selected college through internships or jobs. Colleges value applicants with strong management and organizational abilities.


Additionally, an internship might serve as a stepping stone in guiding your decision on your career path. Work towards it, therefore, if you still have time. Additionally, be sure to mention it in the application if you have previously completed it.

  • Leading Positions

Leadership abilities are crucial for admittance to colleges. Numerous thousands of children consistently receive excellent marks and test results. However, a candidate’s exceptional involvement in ERP Campus, sports, or community organizations frequently sets them apart and earns them an admission letter.


Colleges value leadership because they think that it can help students turn what they learn there into worthwhile contributions to society or perhaps start something new within the institution.

  • Sports

Applications for college always look nice with a sports background. They aid in enhancing your college application beyond your GPA and exam results.


An enjoyable extracurricular activity is playing sports. They frequently involve a large time commitment and are a great way for students to demonstrate how they can efficiently manage their time. They can also emphasize your leadership skills if you served as team captain or in another important capacity.