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improve engagement and brand awareness via social media

brand awareness via social media

There are billions of people logging in online every day. A share of which might one day be your customer. At the same time, you are also aware of the road ahead to reach them. It is all about coming up with a strategy that outperforms your competitors. For your brand to identify and utilize that untapped opportunity, you have to leverage the inherent potential of various social media platforms. 

 Eventually, what makes the difference is your content that appears on their screens as feeds, messages, posts, and more. So it is vital to develop clear-cut tactics to boost engagement to improve brand awareness.

Let’s see how to achieve it in the following sections. 

What is social media marketing (SMM)?

Let’s be clear about what social media marketing is before learning more. Social media marketing involves integrating your business with chosen social media platforms to increase your customer base. If your business requires high-quality content to sustain business goals, you must add social media marketing to your business strategy. The rest will be taken care of by super-efficient algorithms. Today, we have many options, such as a social media marketing agency to elevate brand awareness and business prosperity.

SMM tactics that work wonders 

1. Push the envelope 

Your digital content strategy must not be all about posting promotional content. A continuous supply of business content will leave the audience overwhelmed. Since your target audience is exposed to a chunk of marketing content daily, your aim should be to dispel that pattern. 

Social media is a place where people visit to gain information and/or interact with their loved ones. Ensure you have content that either educates, engages, or delights your audience to build a loyal following and initiate engagement. You will gain the upper hand if you find content writers who can write about anything and everything under the sun.

You must serve content with nuances of relevance and emotional connection to get their attention. Also, take extra care not to inundate marketing messages too often that they decide to unfollow you for being pushy.  

2.Timing matters

People scroll down social media feeds to see things that interest them. Such feeds can come from various channels, pages, and profiles. To make your posting intervals on the money, schedule it using a social media calendar or other scheduling tools. Doing so will help you overcome the burden of creating new content daily. 

Make sure to upload tangential posts, including humorous videos, user-generated content, and video content of your staff members to showcase your human side. A single promotional post per day, followed by other engaging posts, is the right mix to follow. It is possible to predict the timing of each type of social media post using advertising analytics.

  1. Hook them with a visual treat

Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok have shifted the social media landscape towards videos and pictures. Because of this, users started showing disinterest in the long-form textual content. They have realigned their consumption preference towards eye-catching content. That said, for a promotional video to get attention, you must create short-duration videos that depict the usage of your product. Conversely, a non-promotional video can include current social media trends to establish an emotional connection with your audience. 

  1. Script memorable Ad Copy

As I mentioned before, top-notch images do have the potential to hook users, but what will you gain from that? Where will they get information about your product? Your Ad copy must have texts that further puts them under your spell. People won’t spend too much time perusing your ad, so include an easily understandable and compelling Ad copy without exceeding the fifty-word limit.

  1. Bring back evergreen content to life

You must have tried several online campaigns and content to grow your business. If you think some of them still hold promise in today’s digital setting, go ahead and repurpose them to your advantage. How will you find them from the thick crust of content? Here, social media analytics is your savior. The tool is all you need to get metrics about past successful paid ads.