How to Recover Deleted Instagram Directly

The popularity of Instagram, which has almost a billion users globally, is without question.

Nobody doubts the success of Instagram with around 1,000 billion users worldwide. They all share pictures daily and use many functions. But occasionally, they encounter another difficulty. One of the most common doubts users have is how? Recover Instagram Directly. We try to clarify that in this post.
Although they were already a hugely popular option, the pandemic and lockdowns have multiplied the capturing of Instagram live shows among users. These publications have proven to be a great and effective way to engage with the public while offering diverse content.

After doing live many times, we forget to save it. Does that mean we’ve lost it forever? Do you have to put up with the fact that the content that you put so much love and effort into creating and that reached so many people will disappear without a trace?

First, it is important to point out that to be able to watch the recorded live broadcasts again and reuse them later, you must first save them. It’s a no-brainer, but it’s very significant to do it right after the show ends. This option will always show up as available at the end of the broadcast, although you can only save the video, nothing more. In other words, neither the comments nor the likes will be recorded. Neither does the number of viewers nor live interactions that have occurred.

Another thing we should know is that by pressing the “Save” option, the life will be saved on our device, but it will no longer be available in the application. At least that was the case until recently.
But we are human. We make mistakes and often forget the simplest and most basic. Fortunately, almost every problem always has a solution. Also regarding the issue of how to restore direct Instagram. Let’s see what options we have below.

Recover Direct Instagram

Here is an easy solution to restore the direct from Instagram and also download the stories. These are the five steps you need to follow:

First, we need to access Chrome Web Store.

There we look for the «IG Stories for Instagram» extension and download it. After clicking on the download option, this extension will be automatically installed in our internet browser, Google Chrome. You can check if the installation was completed successfully by checking the icon in the top bar. Next, we access the official Instagram page, where we enter our credentials.
Now it’s time to search for the life we ​​wish to restore. When we have found it, we click on the “Download” option.
Important: This system works as long as it is not running 24 hours have passed since the live transmission. The option also works with stories.

Instagram TV (IGTV)

A few years ago, the idea of ​​​​Instagram TV (IGTV) expanded the possibilities of the application when creating and sharing videos. One of her long-term ambitions was to become a serious competitor on YouTube.
In the case of direct Instagram recovery, IGTV can also offer an effective solution. More than a year ago, Users doing live broadcasts can host their broadcasts in this place. The best part is that the 24-hour period we referred to in the previous section is gone.
Although it’s still in the testing phase, IGTV will soon have a button for Instagram users to share the live broadcast after the broadcast ends. In addition, users can select a screenshot of the broadcast and share it in their profile. The system is similar to that of YouTube and is intended to draw the attention of its followers to new content.
As with the system explained previously, some Instagram Live functionalities (stickers, Q&A, etc.) would also no longer be active after the content was handed over to IGTV.
Recently Deleted feature
In February 2021, Instagram has a new feature called. Added, “Recently deleted.” This folder is located in the “Account” section in the settings menu of the app. Thanks to this, users can recover almost any content deleted from their accounts up to 30 days after its publication.
This new service is a sort of folder or trash can that only the account owner can access, where news, stories, and videos end up.
The truth is that Instagram, they have decided to implement this feature to recover lost content for security reasons. To perform the recovery process, the application verifies the identity of the account holders. This makes it almost impossible for a hacker to delete publications from the accounts they have access to.