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Find Your Friend’s Facebook Online

Find Your Friend’s Online Presence on Facebook Who Turned Off Chat with You

One of the very useful options Facebook Chat offers its users is the ability to turn off chat. You can disable chat with your friend or the other way around. If someone keeps interrupting you, it can be helpful.

You have the option of completely or individually disabling friend chat. Therefore, the other person cannot tell if you are online or not. It falls under Facebook privacy. Your situation is similar. You might experience anxiety if you believe someone close to you’s turned off chatting with you. You are uncomfortable and unable to see their online presence. Respect the other person’s feelings when you end a chat with them.

There is no plugin, script, or another tool to help you figure out who disables Facebook chat with you. But within Facebook, you can silently determine whether a person is online or not. The following advice appears to be effective in most situations.

How to Know Someone Turned off You from their Chat on FB?

Despite the fact that there are numerous online tricks and tips for figuring out who in your friend list has disabled chat, none of them seem to be 100 percent accurate. Because Facebook doesn’t offer a way around this obstacle, What then is the answer?

Steps to Find Who’s Online and Appears Offline to You on Facebook Chat.

There are a few sources where you can learn about your friend’s online activity who blocked you from chatting. Make sure they are still posting, liking, and sharing content on Facebook. It’s a possibility. But the most trustworthy one is down here.

Open the chat window of your friend, whom you suspect is online but appears offline to you.
Send a message.

If he or she is online, you can see the last seen message after a few seconds below your message.
It normally appears when your friend read the message, and it ensures their online presence.
I hope the above works for you. But remember. If your friend is tech-savvy, he can easily hide the last-seen message with little effort.


There is no ultimate way to find a friend’s online presence on Facebook who turned it off. If you use any Chrome plugins, it won’t give you the desired result. Furthermore, normally, such apps don’t last more.