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Indoor plants: Some ideas and tips on placement

Some easy ideas on using plants as decor element.

It is a budget-friendly and beautiful way to enhance interiors with plants and decorating with plants is my favorite past-time. It is extremely therapeutic to walk through a garden center, picking out the next potted plant to be brought home. Indoor plants are not only decorative, but they are also air purifiers. 

There are limitless ways to decorate with planters for your indoor plants. However, keep in mind the overall design of your room. Read along to know more about placing indoor plants.


Layering with plants 

If you are not sure where to place your plants, simply line them up along a wall. Ensure that you fill the space with different-sized plants. You can add tall plants flanked by a smaller plant on either side. Mix and match each on a different level indoor planter stand. Add a hanging plant in macrame hangers and create multiple layers with your indoor plants. 

Use vines for a full look

Creepers are easy to propagate and grow quickly. Money plants are an ideal candidate for a propagation station or wall. You should keep them in bright indirect light so that the vines will grow toward the sun out the window. Soon you will have a wall of hanging plants. It is easy to care for creepers with timely watering and pruning.

Choose colorful plants

Colourful flowering plants like the dark green of an English Ivy, or the white stripes on the Spider Plant, or the pinks in the pink princess look gorgeous. 


Fill your windowsills

Plants on windowsills look very attractive and add to the home decor. They look great when the vines will crawl up the frame to catch as much natural light as possible. You can also place a succulent or two on the remaining free space of your windowsill.

Layer artwork frames with plants

Get creative and layer the frames of artwork with hanging plants on either side of it. Choose Pothos, English Ivy, Monstera Adansonia, and money plants. You can have a focal corner in your living room. Start by placing prints or artwork on a shelf. 


 Line your staircase

Lining the staircase makes for stunning home decor and you can place one pot on every step of that staircase. Ensure that you select plants that love indirect sunlight. Spider plants that can withstand little light, or the ZZ plant are a better choice. 


Place plants on shelves

The easiest way to decorate with plants is to place them on shelves of different heights in the corner to add layers to your living space. Ensure that you keep them neat and use plants with a multitude of foliage. 


DIY ideas for planters


Put on your creative hat and recycle old containers. You can create a planter any time with a little acrylic colour and an old brush. Remember to poke a hole in the bottom of the can and cut the top off. Use a scooper to fill it with well-draining potting soil. Now, you can place a plant cutting in rooting hormone and plant into your miniature planter.  Succulents are easy to propagate with the proper potting mix. Just ensure that you are using the correct size of succulent plant containers.  


Spruce up the bathroom


Indoor plants love humidity, and the bathroom is the best place to place them. You can place them on shelves or add a few hanging plants over your window. Keep the plants away from shower areas as some may not like too much water. 


Hang the plants

Use varieties of hanging planters of DIY planters to hang the plants anywhere you like. There is no such thing as too much green, is there? Ensure that the weight of the plant and the support of the fixture is correct. 

Fill your shelves

Terracotta pots, metal planters, or old utensils anything can become a beautiful planter. You can place plants in between books, on your home office table, or on the dining table. The best way to create variety is by placing one plant in small planters and placing it in between the layers of books.


Now that you have a fair idea of how to use indoor plants for home decor. You can start your home makeover by using some ideas that we have provided here. Indoor plants not only enhance the decor element, but they are an easy way to bring positive vibes into our living spaces.