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In 2022, online sabong will set new trends.

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When we go into the history of cockfighting in the Philippines, it is extensive. Despite its long history, the game is still popular today.

Cockfighting is known as sabong in the Philippines. Similar to other sporting events in the Philippines, Sabong is an international competition. It is also the most difficult. Sabong has leagues, competitions, and championship games much like any other game. Sabong is legal in the Philippine Islands. The Philippines has a large market for this industry because sabong is after all their main game, and caring for and raising roosters for sabong is expensive.


Sabong is a game that has been played for three thousand years and is still popular, however
how? What makes this game so well-liked there? Is watching enjoyable? Let’s investigate this.

Philippines online sabong
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Events like the Slasher Cup tournaments and back-to-back Sabong games are hosted in Metro Manila each year in the Philippines. Due to the fact that they are a part of their culture, both the government and the people strongly support these sabong games.

Two roosters fighting each other with a weapon on their legs marks the beginning of the sabong. When one of them is defeated, the winner is crowned the victor. Fans’ interest and curiosity are increased by their deft movements and quick evading. They begin to wonder how a bird could possibly fight so proficiently.
Yes, this brilliant idea is what gave this sabong game its notoriety.


In the Philippines, Sabong is regarded as a localised version of an NBA game. It is absolutely true what a famous cocker named Charlie “Atong” Ang once said: “We are the superstar of the sabong and we are the NBA in this sport.” Government limitations, such as those that place limits on the sabong and limit playing days to holidays and Sundays, have recently caused the sabong’s popularity to decline.


As a result, people can no longer play sabong anytime they want due to the lack of availability of such games. And for some reason, the neighbourhood games are made unlawful. The sabong competitions can only be run by gamers who have a PAGCOR licence. The COVID 19 epidemic, however, had a significant impact.
significant alteration in Sabong’s destiny. The cokers planned to digitise the sabong platform after all the companies closed as a result of the pandemic.


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