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Best luxury resorts in Thekkady

The Best Ways To Discover Thekkady's Incredible Beauty In December Thekkady,
a breath-taking haven for wildlife and nature enthusiasts, draws tourists from all over the nation for a brief stay while vacationing in Kerala. This area is extraordinarily lovely and well worth exploring because to its flawless tropical woods and great diversity of flora and wildlife. You must be thrilled if you intend to travel to Thekkady in December because it is the ideal season to discover both Thekkady’s and Kerala’s magical beauty. Thekkady is situated at a height of 700 metres above sea level. Thekkady, which is located in Kerala’s Idukki district, is the ideal hideaway for anyone who enjoys adventure, fun, wildlife, and the outdoors. Visitors can find a lot to enjoy in Thekkady, which is tucked away in the Western Ghats’ evergreen and semi-evergreen forests. In the biggest wildlife reserve, you might witness Asian elephants, bison, sambar deer, boars, tigers, leopards, wild squirrels, lion-tailed monkeys, and other creatures.
Thekkady’s top 4 tourist attractions for December
1. Periyar National Wildlife Reserve periyar,
which is mostly known for its wild elephants and dense Western Ghats woods, is home to an artificial lake that has been there for 100 years and is being used to embellish the park. Many of Periyar’s deep valleys are covered in dense tropical evergreen woods that make it impossible for sunlight to pass through.. These incredible trees reach astounding heights of up to 130–140 feet when completely developed. The park has some parts with marshy grasslands next to the lake and other bodies of water. There are also scattered areas of semi-evergreen woodland throughout the park, which many animal species use as crucial cover.
2. The Mangla Devi Temple
You can arrange a trip to Idukki’s stunning Mangla Devi Temple. This temple, which is situated on the grounds of the Periyar Tiger Reserve, is one of Thekkady’s top tourist destinations. The shrine is sometimes referred to as Kannaki, which is Sanskrit for a woman’s moral faculties. Along with visitors staying in Thekkady, local pilgrims frequently visit the temple.
3. Murikkady
Thekkady’s Murikkady is well known for its beautiful spice, coffee, and cardamom plantations. Despite the fact that Kerala is known for its spice plantations, this location is among the best of its sort. The Murikkady region is famous for a wide range of spices, particularly clove, ginger, turmeric, tea, and vanilla.
4. Kumily
Kumily, a plantation town near Thekkady, is located on the boundaries of the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Kumily is a bustling town in contrast to Thekkady, a peaceful, scenic location draped in greenery. Kumily is one of the major tourist and economic hubs in Kerala due to the presence of tea and spice plantations as well as the active spice trade.
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