British City Home Improvement Trends You’ll See This Year

Despite lots of press about moving to new pastures in the British countryside, the vagaries of the property market mean many British families

Despite lots of press about moving to new pastures in the British countryside, the vagaries of the property market mean many British families are destined to remain where they are for the foreseeable future. Dream homes, relaxing in a rural landscape and adapting to village life have all, perhaps, been put on the back burner. City living is destined to continue. 

Rather than feeling trapped, urban homeowners seem destined to spend money on interior design and home improvements. What trends will we see? Our experts have collated some of the trends they expect to see over the next twelve months. Whether you are looking at making your kitchen more homely or your bathroom feel bigger, you will find something useful in our blog. 

Now that many of us work from home, we’ve spent increasing amounts of time in our kitchens. They have perhaps been overlooked as a place to spend quality time in the past. Today, we are all looking for tips to make them less functional spaces. Specific examples include replacing cabinet doors. They will brighten up the space. Light, bright colours will make your kitchen feel larger. Add pops of colour with backsplash tiles, appliance tops and covers and countertops too. This doesn’t automatically mean man-made materials, of course. You can get some delightful sparkling natural granite kitchen worktops that will catch the eye.  

Installing under-cabinet lighting will also add a warm and welcoming kitchen style to your home. LED lighting is more affordable than ever. Replacing contemporary light fittings elsewhere with reclaimed, upcycled or recycled options from the past also adds a degree of interest to your kitchen. 

An island is a traditional way to add extra storage and counter space, but there may be other nooks and crannies where you can squeeze more functionality and interest into your kitchen. Above appliances, behind doors, pantries, utility rooms and other spaces can all provide options and can draw the eye attractively.   

The bathroom is often hidden away but really deserves some love and attention. They have the potential to be a luxurious, relaxing hideaway where you can while away the hours pampering yourself and leaving life’s stresses behind.  Investing in neutral and natural colour schemes will make any bathroom space feel calming and inviting. Light stone, water-inspired shades and subtle greens will add to the feeling of bathroom serenity. They’ll add a sense of size and airiness too. Nobody likes to feel boxed in while taking a bath.   Installing a large mirror to reflect light will make your bathroom feel bigger too.  Our final bathroom tip is to carefully select a range of indoor plants. Not only are living things proven to impact mental health positively, but they are also an easy way to bring colour and interest into your home. Bathrooms needn’t be bland, white spaces.

Elsewhere, it’s hard to find downtime in city life however we know it is vital for a happy and rewarding family life. To help, we recommend designating a nook or cranny in your home as a spot to read, listen to music or just enjoy a break. Even in the smallest home, you can create a spot away from the noise and bustle of your day, away from screen technology, warm and full of natural light. Fill it with natural fabrics and furnishings too. Make it a place to snuggle up. You may have to consider noise but there are soundproof window suppliers across the UK who can help. They are experts at fighting the kinds of noise pollution that sometimes come with city living. You can, of course, get help with any job around the house. There are plenty of suppliers in all our major cities. Whether you are looking for home improvement and maintenance services in London or elsewhere, the search shouldn’t be too difficult.