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Freight Forwarding and The Role of Freight Forwarders

Working with experienced freight forwarding companies is vital to fulfill various operations. Here’s the responsibilities of the freight forwarder.

Freight forwarding involves a wide range of activities for the domestic and international movement of goods. It involves strategic logistics planning and execution for transportation of cargo, on behalf of shippers. Some businesses have their in-house arrangements to ship goods abroad while others rely on freight forwarders to do this for them. Particularly, a freight forwarding company will help you with end-to-end solutions like freight rate negotiations, customs documentation, container tracking, freight consolidation, among other tasks.

Import and export introduce lucrative opportunities for businesses to execute strategic logistics plans. Dealing with all the processes in-house for businesses may be a daunting task and it requires a lot of planning, time and efficiency. Hiring experts for the same helps in efficient and reliable processing of all the shipment tasks. Freight forwarders act as a common carrier and help in safe and timely delivery of goods by preparing all documents such as bills, documents and much more. In addition, they use their network to ensure that the goods move via the best routes and reach the destination on time without any delays.

Role of Freight Forwarders

Working with experienced freight forwarding companies is vital to fulfill various operations from freight financial services to shipping documentation, customs clearance, insurance and supply chain management. They make ways to lower costs, enhance efficiencies and create invaluable relationships. Here’s a quick rundown to the responsibilities of the freight forwarder:

  • Shipment Tracking
    Forwarders use various technologies to maintain visibility and transparency throughout each stage of a shipment’s voyage.
  • Customs Clearance Assistance
    Freight forwarding requires a custom brokerage license which is a special license. Only licensed brokers are the only people qualified to submit and manage the extensive documentation necessary to complete import and export processes.
  • Warehousing
    Freight forwarders also help in storing and management of goods along with freight insurance and other benefits. Some forwarding companies have their own warehouses to harbor commodities while others arrange storage at a warehouse owned and operated conveniently located nearby.
  • Negotiating
    Freight forwarders also perform one of the most crucial tasks that is negotiating with carriers for cost-efficient shipping rates which is not an easy task. This includes everything from balancing the pros and cons of your cargo type, time flexibility, cargo insurance services and more.
  • Cargo Space Scheduling
    Cargo scheduling is the main aspect of logistics and a tangible part of a forwarder’s skill set. If you hire a freight forwarder to manage logistics, they use a thoughtful planner to figure out whether it is beneficial to consolidate a shipment, to weigh the feasibility of intermodal shipping options, and to secure timely sailings.
  • Supply Cargo Insurance
    Freight companies also offer freight insurance services and policies, also known as freight insurance. Cargo insurance is an important asset that helps to recover the loss payee in the event that goods are stolen and damaged in transit.

Freight forwarders use various freight payment gateways to accept and offer payments at various portals.

A freight forwarding company provides these and various other services, including cargo examination for accurate and quick domestic & international shipments. In addition, they help prioritize loading space, later cut-off times, and make arrangements for last-minute shipments. Moreover, also assist shippers with cargo trailer financing through different shipping payment gateways. International supply chains are an inevitable part of the globalized marketplace. Freight forwarders use their expert knowledge of protocols and customs standards to bring the best for shippers as well as on-time cargo deliveries at very reasonable freight rates.