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Why is it Important to Store and Share Private Keys?

Key management is a significant component of maintaining your software signing safe.

Key management is a significant component of maintaining your software signing safe. If private keys tumble into the wrong hands, tremendous damage could affect a brand’s reputation and influence end users.

While we step into the spotlight in 2022, crypto-assets have rapidly become a hot topic of discussion. However, most people fail to understand how value gets transferred between different people and how to keep their valuable assets safe. It might be true that cryptocurrencies have put the control of finance back in our hands, but they also make us vulnerable to cybercrime. Keeping this in mind, it is critical to comprehend what private and public keys are, their impact, and how to safeguard your private keys from attack successfully.

Difference Between Public and Private Keys

Private and public keys are an integral part of every cryptocurrency. They enable you to transfer and receive crypto coins without involving any third party for transaction validation. Using these keys, you can transfer your crypto coins anywhere and at any time. The private and public keys fit together like a key pair. But there is a lot more to know about these keys, and it is crucial to understand their basic differences.

Private key: It uses a ‘secret key’ to encrypt or decrypt a code. The private key is symmetric as the only key is shared or copied by another party for decrypting the cipher text.

Public key: Public key uses two keys; one is for encryption, and another is for decryption. It is used to validate the data using asymmetric encryption.

The Private Key: The Key to Success

When you are willing to send or receive crypto tokens or make a purchase, you hand over your public key to the other party. This directs them to your wallet address and grants them virtual access to it. However, in order for the transaction to be completed, it must be digitally signed using the private key. To comprehend this more simply:

  • Consider the private keys to be your digital signature.
  • You use it to accept that you, the coins’ owner, authorize the transaction or deposit address or to produce a new public key.
  • The transaction gets signed by the private key, which enables the recipient to receive the tokens with the use of public keys.
  • The network of blockchain is programmed to confirm any transaction where private, and public keys match.

This implies that anyone owning your private keys can access all your funds. So, who would want to reveal their private keys?

Let us dig into some of the practical benefits of private key encryption.

Security: Longer private keys with incredible entropy or randomness are considered more secure from dictionary attacks or brute force.

Suitable for encryption: Several cryptographic methods use private key encryption for encrypting transmissions of data. They mainly share public key algorithms to share secret keys safely.

Faster: The encryption of symmetric keys is considered faster computationally compared to asymmetric encryption having private-public key pairs.

The Key Takeaways

The usage of the public internet is constantly expanding for personal, government, and commercial communication, and so is the need for safely using encryption to safeguard those exchanges. The security of private keys for protecting that data is considered the foundation of upholding security in all kinds of communication.

The owners of cryptocurrency must store their private keys in the safest possible way because losing access or control to them may result in losing access to the crypto asset. You can store your private keys on an isolated computer having no network connections or in hard copies that are secured physically.

The option of “holding your own private keys” or believing in a custodian relies on your risk tolerance, philosophy, and a host of various other aspects. If you have your own private keys, you can opt to use newer HD wallets, which can do an excellent task of managing them, and do not forget that you should never share them. Also, if you opt for a custodial solution such as an exchange, then make sure that you go with a trustworthy and genuine company that prioritizes regulation and security.

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