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Nepal on Its Way to Becoming A Thriving Auto Detailing

CarzSpa Detailing Studios is already established as one of the leading car detailing franchises in India.

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CarzSpa Detailing Studios is already established as one of the leading car detailing franchises in India. But, over the last 4 years, the brand’s reach has spread in Nepal as the country is currently developing into a significant market for car detailing services.

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What makes Nepal a hub with excellent prospects for car detailers, what challenges exist, and how has CarzSpa established its base there? Our Nepal Master Franchisee Tarun Ahuja, who has previously run CarzSpa Lucknow car detailing franchise in India, breaks it down for us all.

1. Can you tell us a little about Nepal’s Automobile industry? What kind of cars do people drive and how is the market for high-end automobiles in the country?

After oil and gas, automobiles are the most imported items in Nepal. People in Nepal mostly drive SUVs (sports utility vehicles) because of the rocky terrain and uneven roads in the cities and villages. The vehicles here in Nepal cost about 2.5 times more than its actual sale value in Indian Rupees. For instance, a Volkswagen Polo costs ₹25,00,000/- in Nepal. So people who are willing to spend such a sum in purchasing a car are happy to spend a good amount for its maintenance, detailing and paint protection.

2. How aware and informed are the car owners in Nepal about car detailing, PPF installation and ceramic coating?

Proportionately, most car owners who walk into CarzSpa’s detailing studios know what ceramic coating means and why it is required. However other car detailing services, like the PPF installation, are still in the initial phase. People here require more understanding and awareness about it.

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We at CarzSpa Nepal are channelling our expertise to make car enthusiasts of Nepal familiar and more informed about the various car detailing services, their importance and the products we use for top-notch results. CarzSpa has the best product for the same.

3. How many detailers or brands are active in Nepal, providing Car Detailing and other premium services?

There are around 15 detailing studios in Kathmandu itself. Some are brands and some are unorganised ones. Some Indian companies and local detailers, like Ceramic Pro, Nepal Motors etc. are here too. But in the last 3 years, CarzSpa has emerged as one of the major players in the industry, thanks to our organised and professional approach towards detailing as an industry, the involvement of thoroughly trained professionals and detailers for the job, and the great quality of the products we provide to the consumers.

4. How big or valuable is the industry in Nepal?

Nepal is a small country with a population of about 3 crore residents. It has 7 small yet active cities, while Kathmandu is the biggest city followed by Pokhara. Apart from Kathmandu other towns are very small and the population is just 3 to 4 lakh residents. Despite having a small market to cater to, they have great value. Given the costs of automobiles are higher than their counterparts in India, people are very keen on keeping their cars safe and ensuring their value remains intact for a long period. Additionally, the difficult weather conditions and hilly regions in the country means the cars require regular upkeep in the form of detailing, PPF installation or ceramic coatings.

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