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Intensive Interior Car Cleaning by CarzSpa Detailing Studios

CarzSpa Detailing studio for intensive interior cleaning, making it the best car cleaning service in India. Let's take a look!

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When it comes to cars, it’s also what is on the inside that matters! People pay extensive attention and money to some of the best car washing services in India, to keep their car’s exterior spotless. After all, who doesn’t want to ride around in that studio-finish shine?

However, the most amount of time with a car is spent behind the wheel, on the inside. And it is important that every time you step into the car, you feel positive, fresh and ready to take on the journey! And that’s why your car needs intensive interior cleaning on a regular basis.

Intensive interior cleaning is a part of CarzSpa’s premium detailing services provided across 70+ studios all over India and Nepal. Is it the best car cleaning service in India? It is more than the usual car wash and car cleaning services found at car repair and maintenance workshops. At CarzSpa, we have a scientific and process-driven approach to interior cleaning, making sure to clean and protect all internal parts from dust particles, stains and dirt from regular usage.

Looks, vibe and a perfect drive

Cleaning the inside of your car is an add-on to the complete look of your car. A spotless and stainless inside that matches the glossy exterior is a perfect package for all car enthusiasts. In addition, intensive interior cleaning goes beyond regular surface vacuuming and stain removal.

When intensely cleaned, your car has steam-cleaned, shampooed and premium conditioned leather seats, floor carpet, dashboard, windows and even handles. Intensive interior car detailing also eliminates all bad odour from your car so that you get that fresh feel each time you drive.

So, what exactly do we do in Intensive Interior Cleaning?

1. Vacuuming every nook and corner of your car’s interior

One of the first steps taken as a part of the intensive interior cleaning is vacuuming. At first, all the ducts, vents and smaller corners are brushed off with sash brushes, followed by a powerful vacuuming using the wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

This ensures that all the dust and particulate matter that has settled down on the mats, AC vents, car seat fabrics and pores are loosed up and cleaned off.

2. Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning increases the effectiveness of the cleaning operation. We fill the car with steam vapour and close the door for about 5 to 10 minutes. It helps loosen the heavy dirt in the grooves of plastic/fibre interiors. The controlled steam also helps dislodge the micro particles and air pollutants that may be lurking in its passageways of car AC vents.

Steam vapour breaks the bond between the dirt, grime, grease everywhere inside, and lifts the stubborn stains like spillage of milk, juices or other liquids from the surfaces, without damaging the surfaces of the interior.

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