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APC Candidate Application Checklist For RICS Assessment

If you are an APC Candidate who desires a positive RICS assessment, then you must know the application checklist.

If you are an APC Candidate who desires a positive RICS assessment, then you must know the application checklist. Therefore, we have written this blog to help you know about the checklist. So, read this blog thoroughly.

The checklist we have given here summarizes the submission requirements for the APC. It is to help you ensure that you provide the required information to enable the RICS assessment authority to assess your skills, knowledge and competency.

RICS has the right to refuse or cancel interviews at any time if it comes to know that the key assessment/submission criteria have not been fulfilled.

You need to have completed the RICS Ethics Module in the last 12 months at the point of application. You don’t need to offer proof of completing the RICS Ethics Module. This will be checked when you apply for the RICS assessment of professional competence. If this requirement is not satisfied, your assessment will be deferred.

Section: Covering pages:


A recent photograph showing your head and shoulders.

Ensure that you are using the correct pathway guide, and it is specified as either Pre or Post-August 2018.

You need to confirm your counsellor’s name and membership number.


Section: Summary of competencies and levels necessary (logbook for structured training candidates):



Use the relevant pathway guide to set out the technical competencies and the necessary level that you are to be evaluated against.

If you are a structured training candidate, offer the number of days you have gained against each level of technical competency for your pathway and the number of days in total.

Section: Employment History:


Refer to each position where you have earned experience that is related to your assessment and pathway.

Section: Professional Body Details:


Provide the professional body membership, grade and date of qualification for every relevant and active professional body.


Section: Summary of Experience – Mandatory competencies


Don’t exceed the maximum word count of 1500 words.

Show a competency that has a statement for each level necessary.

Section: Summary of Experience – Technical competencies


Don’t cross the maximum word count of 4000 words.

Check the competencies when submitting statements to ensure that they meet the technical requirements at the correct levels for your chosen pathway.

Each competency has a statement for each level required.

Section: Case study:


Word count is a maximum of 3000 words.

At the submission point, this is on the basis of a project you have worked on in the last 30 months.

Ensure that you have identified the technical competencies within your chosen pathway.

Make sure that you have read and complied with the confidentiality statement.

Section: CPD:


As an APC Structured Training Candidate, ensure that you have provided a minimum of 48 hours of CPD for each year of structured training.

In the case of the APC Prelim candidate, ensure that you have provided a minimum of 48 hours in the last 12 months.

Make sure that at least 50% of your CPD is formal.


Your submission has to consist of the submission overview, employment and coversheets, summary of experience and case study including appendices. It has to be converted to a PDF before you upload it when you apply for your RICS assessment.

When uploading your submission, upload it as a single PDF file using the following:

Member number and family name.

Your submission will be uploaded in Box (a cloud-based secure file-sharing system).