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An Amazing Trip to Bhangrah from Jaipur

This article tells about the trip to Bhangarh from Jaipur

Anyone visiting Jaipur should take a day or two out of their itinerary to see Bhangarh. Assuming you’ve been focusing on the mainstream, you’re most likely to know about the Bhangarh fort.

Each offers a story about the Fort being haunted and eerie. Apart from the haunting legends of Bhangarh Fort, the locale is well-known as a historic site in its own right.

Bhangarh is around 83 kilometres from Jaipur. The Fort is situated on the edge of the Sariska Reserve in Rajasthan’s Alwar district amid the Aravali range of hills.

Trespassing near Bhangarh is illegal between dusk and daybreak since the area is supposed to be haunted. Bhangarh’s most notable features are its ancient Hindu temples. Historically, Guru Balu Nath is said to have cursed this location.

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Summers are hot on most days, yet there are times when the weather is lovely.

Unfortunately, monsoons are a no-no; the humidity reaches dangerously high levels during the brief rainy season, and the rain may be rather heavy.

The long periods of November through February are pleasant for a little while.

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Although nothing has been confirmed, it is alleged that paranormal events occur daily in the Bhangarh Fort during the night. This is why people refer to this location as one of the scariest in India.

Tourist guides and locals will frequently caution you to avoid entering the Fort after 7 p.m. In addition, the Archaeological Survey of India has a sign at the Fort’s gates urging tourists and visitors not to join the grounds at night.