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Jalebi Recipe: An Instant Jalebi Recipe Halwai Style

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Jalebi is a type of fried dough that originated in the Indian subcontinent and is commonly found in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and other places in the region. These sweet pastries come in two basic shapes: straight or twisted circles. Jalebi has been around for centuries, and one of its original names was jalebiya which means sugar twisted.

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Instructions to make instant Jalebi at home

Making Jalebi is easy now with the Instant Jalebi Mix. All you need to do is, apply the easy-to-follow instructions. So are you ready? Follow these three sessions to get a professional outcome in your hand.

Session – 1

  • First, open the Instant Jalebi Mix pack and pour it into a bowl.
  • Add 125 ml water in it and mix well.
  • Stir to get a smooth consistency of the batter.
  • You must have received a Jalebi maker; add the batter to it.

Session – 2

  • Pour 250 ml ghee into a shallow pan and heat it.
  • When the ghee is heated, squeeze the Jalebi maker with the batter in the ghee.
  • Give your Jalebi good shape (i.e., for professional Jalebi, start from the centre and end it at the same point after a few rounds).
  • Let your Jalebi deep-fry properly.

Session – 3

  • Make a sugar solution (chasni) with powder that comes along the pack.
  • Once your jalebis are deep-fried lower the flame and let them turn golden and crisp.
  • Dip your jalebis in warm chasni for a minute.
  • Bring them out and serve them hot.

Exclusive features of the Instant Jalebi Mix pack

  • A classic flavour mix with a unique taste.
  • Comes with Jalebi maker to ease the making process.
  • Instant Jalebi Mix pack is packed adequately to avoid moisture in the powder.
  • Safe to eat – no harmful products.
  • Chasni powder to enhance flavour.
  • Certified product to ensure legitimacy.

Tips to consider while making Instant Jalebi

There are a few things you must keep in mind when making Jalebi using an Instant Mix.

  • First of all, when you are making a batter, you need to take care of consistency. If your batter is too thick or thin, you will surely be unable to make a great item. On the other hand, in case the batter is too thin, the jalebis will become harder or soggy in case of thick batter.
  • Always keep the flame low or medium when frying jalebis to ensure proper cooking. If the flame is too high, then jalebis will not fry properly. The main issue is that the inner part will remain uncooked, and you will not get the desired taste.
  • Always take care of shape when making instant Jalebi, giving it a professional look. Also, consider the size because larger jalebis will immerse in chasni properly.
  • Another factor is the consistency of sugar syrup. It is also very important to have a medium thickness of chasni. Immerse Jalebi properly in the syrup for a few minutes, and then you can eat.
  • Also, the chasni must be heated properly. Never dip Jalebi in cool chasni because it will not be absorbed then.
  • Like other instant items, including instant gulab jamun mix, instant pani puri, and instant khaman mix, instant Jalebi mix also comes with premium packing. So the leftover material should be tightly packed to ensure moisture does not affect the inner material.

Varieties of Jalebi

Jalebi – India’s most famous sweet dish, is now popular in several regions worldwide. Due to its varied range, there have been several forms of Jalebi. From city to city or on the country level, there are several types a person can try out. Some of the most popular ones include Paneer Jalebi, Jangri, Jaleba, Rabdi Jalebi, Khoya Jalebi, Urad ki Jalebi, Imarti, and many more. You can taste the one you like and then have the sweetest taste of your life.


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