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Lightning Component Framework

The Lightning Part structure is a UI framework for making web applications for flexible and workspace contraptions.

It’s a state-of-the-art structure utilized for building single-page applications with dynamic, responsive UI for Salesforce Lightning Stage applications. It uses JavaScript on the client side and Zenith on the server side.


  • The Salesforce Lightning Part framework is a design for making web applications.” That has all the earmarks of being sensible. An application structure is an arrangement of code and organizations that simplify it for you to make your own custom applications, without creating all the code yourself.


  • There are heaps of different web application frameworks out there, like Ruby on Rails, Chalices, Precise JS, Django, and Cake PHP, with no foreseeable end. We’ve even got one of our own, Visualforce, that clients know and love.


  • We think Salesforce Lightning fragments are genuinely unprecedented. We’ll examine the reason why they’re interesting more as we go, and in a perfect world before the completion of this module, you’ll agree!


  • “Dynamic, responsive UIs for Lightning Stage applications” is essentially applying the main designs to applications you develop in Salesforce. Finally, “it uses JavaScript on the client side and Peak on the server side” is truly undeniable without any other person — whether or not it overlooks specific focal points about what goes where. We’ll track down a decent speed!

Lightning is the variety of instruments and developments behind a tremendous move up to the Salesforce stage. Lightning consolidates the following:


  • Experience: A ton of current UIs upgraded for speed. This integrates the Lightning Experience, Salesforce1 Versatile application and design-based networks.


  • Lightning Part System: A JavaScript design and set of standard fragments that grant you to produce reusable parts to change the Lightning Experience, Salesforce1 Portable application and format-based organizations and develop your own free applications.


  • Visual Structure Apparatuses: Intuitive advancements for fast and straightforward application building and customization. Use the Lightning Application Developer to change the Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 Versatile application. Use the Local area Developer to change design-based networks.


  • Salesforce Lightning Trade: A region of the AppExchange where you can find 70+ associate parts to start off your headway.


  • Lightning Plan Framework: Style helpers and present-day attempt UX best practices to make pixel-perfect applications that coordinate the look and feel of the Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 Versatile.

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