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Why use Mirth for Healthcare Integration

Mirth is a flexible health IT infrastructure component that help increase interoperability among disparate healthcare technology.


The main “Web-Based” healthcare interoperability engine built to incorporate HL7 messages is called Mirth Connect Interface. You can build, test, implement, and manage interfaces using the Mirth Connect Interface. Interfaces may be readily created, monitored, and configured, and data can be kept wherever it is needed. To keep on track, you may quickly gather your data and send alerts and reminders.

Healthcare and Community Standards

Future prospects are bright for Mirth Connect. The interoperability engine of Mirth is continually being tweaked and improved, and daily new healthcare organizations join the Mirth Connect Community. With users in more than 80 nations, “Jacob and Gerald” anticipate a world in which Mirth Connect is used by every medical system. That day is not too far off. In that it can be installed on everything from smartwatches and Raspberry Pi computers to business software, Nick compares Mirth Connect to Linux.

Mirth is a “flexible” part of the health IT infrastructure that can be used for a number of purposes. It can function as a local health integration network system, a central integration exchange for hospitals, and an information entry point for clinics or reference labs.


Why choose Mirth for Healthcare Integration?

For daily operation, healthcare systems need a secure data connection. Data is shared, collaborated on, and transferred on a large scale between departments.

NextGen Connect serves as a platform for the transmission or sharing of Healthcare Data in a highly secure setting, as the name implies. It is an open-source healthcare solution that offers HL7 standard interoperability.

Mirth serves as a bridge between bidirectional data transmitting applications and was once known as Mirth. That implies that both EHR users can exchange their non-standard data in formats that are generally accepted.

Potentials of NextGen

Healthcare providers face difficulties when working on protected connections, and NextGen faces the same difficulties. It simplifies the management process by supplying many regulatory requirements. Under a security umbrella, NextGen connect gives EHR(Electronic Health Record) users a greater sense of security and satisfaction.


1) It has access to different operating systems and EHR devices thanks to its cross-platform functionality.

2) Supports a variety of message formats and transport protocols, enhancing the flexibility of both the message and the data type.

Routes, filters, and transformations can be easily implemented using Java and JavaScript.

4) Offers rapid data on connections that are active as well as error messages.

5) Rapid status update transmission, error-related emails, and scalable features

The message is integrated by NextGen and translated into the format chosen by your organization. a quick overview of NextGen Connect’s capabilities.

1) Filtration

2) Modification



This assists you in building the information pipelines that could provide you with the precise data required for your organization. These pipelines could enable you to interact with large healthcare data sets or determine an incident’s place of origin. The healthcare professional may easily administer a cross-platform interface engine.


KPi-Tech has 18 years of experience in Healthcare Integrations. We have mastered the use of Mirth Engine If you are interested Mirth Connect Integration & Development Services, then mail us or contact us.