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How to use a golf rangefinder while golfing

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How to use a golf rangefinder while golfing

In this post, we describe how to use a golf rangefinder while golfing to make sure you are hitting the ball correctly. We also give you a quick tour of the golf rangefinder and show you how to set it up to your needs.

Laser Rangefinder

The simplest of the rangefinders is the laser one because it depends on a straightforward technique of physics. The accurate distance of the flag post can be calculated using advanced laser beam technology. The principle of distant target mode is to send the beam light to the specified flagstick and calculate the duration of the comeback of the light from the reflective surface of the targeted spot. Within a short time, the high-quality laser efficiency of this device shows adequate distances. The distance-measuring device is easy to use and popular among amateur golfers. There are many constraints on the accuracy of laser beam technology in hilly areas. Some producers use built-in inclinometer technology to measure the slope of the targeted space. It is possible for models to focus on the background which can create inaccurate data. The models have a feature called pin-seeker that helps to overcome the barrier of the courses.

GPS Rangefinder

One of the most advanced technologies that input the distance measuring gadget professional golfers on the golf course is a device that works through the satellite service. There is a map of the specific golf courses through which it calculates the accurate distances with a satellite feed. You have to download the golf course map on your expected golf course map when you take your GPS rangefinder. You have to pay a monthly or yearly fee to become a member of the service provider, and you have to subscribe to get the satellite service from their websites. You will need a companion computer and a phone to sync your golf course data from your GPS device. It’s possible to get distance data on the golf course when you have a satellite connection. About 100 to 150 meters around the flag post is where you can find the information.

Optical Rangefinder

A monocular distance-measuring device with two lenses and prisms at the end of each lens is called an optical rangefinder. It is the same thing as a camcorder. This arrangement gives you a complete view of the object with a zoom-in and out facility. It has a built-in scale which it determines the distance between the projected object and the detecting device. Some models only have a built-in scale and don’t pick the height of the intended object. The height data is converted into the distance. It doesn’t offer the best result, but you can get slightly accurate data by focusing more on the location.