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The current main method for disseminating ideas and findings from validated research is to publish articles in international medical publications. Evaluations of medical researchers and institutions frequently employ medical articles as a primary contribution. There is a need for more updated training in writing articles for medical journals, though, given the dynamic and ever-changing publication landscape.

With the help of current, international, and interdisciplinary perspectives, as well as our experience as authors, peer reviewers, and editors, we discuss in this article an updated and concise guide for the multiple dimensions required for writing manuscripts in the health and biological sciences, extending and supplementing earlier works on the subject. The standards for writing medical papers include the availability of numerous reporting requirements for various study kinds, which are covered in this article.

Common Suggestions for Writing a High-Quality Medical Manuscript

  1. Reading the key papers that have been published on the topic should be one of the first steps before beginning to create a medical research article. The first search may concentrate on the in-depth analyses and reviews of the literature that are already available, and it is crucial for a researcher to learn how to do a comprehensive literature review.
  2. When writing scientific papers, it has been advised to keep it brief, condensed, and straightforward, avoiding the overuse of adjectives and adverbs.
  3. An article’s success depends on the caliber of the primary data and their analyses, on how well it is written, and on how well the tables and figures are presented. Following the current norms of research integrity is essential (such as avoiding plagiarism and data manipulation). To prevent publication bias, both the negative and the good outcomes should be published.
  4. Authors should be aware that producing scientific material is a multi-step process that demands patience, motivation, analytical thinking, and adherence to high standards. It also requires time, dedication, and inspiration.