Why do companies use Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Companies use Microsoft dynamics CRM for market forecasting, community management, Centralized view of the system, Collaboration between departments, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has become the talk of the town. The ERP solution has become the go-to ERP software solution for small, medium, and large organizations. Some of the well-known manufacturing companies worldwide are using the solution to manage their business operations more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Here’s Why Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics Software Solutions

Market Forecasting

Companies are increasingly using Microsoft Dynamics to observe and analyze their customers’ buying patterns in order to predict future trends. Forecasting is an imperative aspect of the Marketing phase of a business. The results and forecasts data about Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics include sales activities, support cases, service activities, support contracts, campaigns, and quick campaigns. Predictive analysis with Dynamics software gives you a peek into data like the number of customers you run the risk of losing, the expected lifetime value of customers, and products that the customers are likely to buy, of course!

Online class registration

Setting up classes in the software also allows for related crucial functionalities like tracking documents, dates, signups, etc., in a single centralized place. The software has automated workflows, and it can do registration tasks. Let’s understand it. Let’s say you need to alert an instructor about a new student, verify student registration, send the payment information to an ERP system, etc. are all possible with automated workflows.

Community management

Several institutions, such as churches, non-profits, etc., requires a proper system for managing their fund-raising campaigns, memberships, participations, and missions. Microsoft Dynamics is a manager for these institutions because it can help them with all these operations and more. The software can be used to manage volunteers, events, pledges, contribution programs, internal and external communications, etc.

Enhancing healthcare operations

Medical product manufacturers and distributors care about customer protection the most. In the face of any defects or mishaps from medical device manufacturers, the devices can be handled by Microsoft Dynamics. It can help them automatically notify the product owners about recalling their product, find related information in a CRM-based knowledge system, or suggest complimentary or additional products that can benefit the purchaser of the medical device.

Centralized view of the system

Microsoft Dynamics provides a centralized view of the system to the sales representatives so that they function based on relevant and updated information.

An alerting system

If you have a lot on your plate, it will be easy to forget small yet crucial stuff. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can double as your alarm clock and can remind you of tasks that are easy to forget but important to be done. Simple alerts on time can help your team exceed your customers’ expectations and delight them. Some companies are using alerts for repair jobs that have not been started within 24 hours, sales quotes that have not been followed up in 2 weeks, and parts that have been on order and have not been delivered within 3 days. In this way, Microsoft Dynamics can be your assistant and ensure that you provide quality and timely services to your customers.

Collaboration between departments

It cannot be emphasized enough it is so crucial today to maintain collaboration among departments in a business. It is so important for the service persons to know the customers’ engagement with their company in and out. It is equally important for the salespersons to see a consolidated quote and policy information for each of their customers.

These are some of the out-of-the-box ways in which Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC development is being employed in organizations to improve their overall operations and functioning. If your enterprise faces these challenges regularly, then get started with solving them with Dynamics!