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PCD Pharmaceutical Company in India is a new business model in the pharmaceutical sector that benefits both manufacturers and distributors.

Best Pcd Pharma Company in Karnataka: – However, PCD is known as Propaganda Cum Distribution or Promotion Cum Distribution. It is the modern business model followed by nearly 100% of companies in the pharmaceutical industry, as the benefits of the PCD Pharma franchise are immense. In this business model, each individual is the owner of their own property. There are no sales targets like other franchise business models.

As India’s pharmaceutical sector grows in revenue, industry groups are considering a merger with PCD Pharmaceuticals. On the fact that the pharmaceutical franchise business is wholly dependent on the franchise owner for its operations and functions. Therefore, owners with good knowledge of business and local operations are best suited to generate a healthy income. As such, the pharmaceutical company’s franchise business model offers good revenue opportunities to its customers while maintaining ownership.

PCD extends to propaganda and distribution. PCD Pharma’s distributor, therefore, brings together the pharmaceutical companies that supply the product (in this case, pharmaceuticals and other pharmaceuticals) so that the distributor or her PCD employees can provide distribution, sales, promotion, and other market support Processes.


Moreover, there are various pharmaceutical companies that can provide a lot of benefits to the customers. This can be one of the reasons for choosing the best. Numark Laboratories is one of the fastest growing & top leading PCD Pharma Franchise in India.

Numark Laboratories is Manimajra. Chandigarh-based pharmaceutical company offering pharmaceutical brands, soft gels, syrups, tablets, capsules and injections. They prescribed safe and effective medicines. Numark Laboratories is a division of Novalab Healthcare.
Numark Laboratories is also one of the leading wholesalers, traders, suppliers & exporters of a comprehensive range of medicines. Numark Laboratories is also exports and supplies a diverse and qualitative range of Allopathic/ Ayurvedic Brands. Their experts are capable of formulating highly effective Allopathic Brands. However, the Range of their products is listed below:-
• Tablets
• Capsules
• Injections
• Syrups/dry syrups
• Soft gel capsules
• IV range
• Herbal range
• Gymea range
• Orthopaedic range
• Diabetic Range
• Multivitamin, Multimineral
• Neuro range


Their team of qualified and experienced professionals, experienced quality controllers, WHO/ISO and GMP certified manufacturers and trusted suppliers make them the premier PCD pharmaceutical company in India. Through systematic logistics operations and warehousing, they are able to meet the needs of customers spread across the country.
However, you can trust the company for consistent quality to help meet customer expectations. Apart from that, the team will provide the best help and support to participating franchises. You can also expect promotional and marketing support to help you build your pharmaceutical franchise without any inconvenience. They offer high quality medicines at competitive prices from India’s top PCD franchises and provide technical and professional support to their distributors. Detailed listings and information on e-portals and e-ordering options also benefit PCD drug distributors.

Frequently Asked Questions:-
1 > Who can start PCD Pharma Franchise in India?
Chemist, Medical Professional, Physician, Medical Wholesaler or Retailer or anyone with more than 5 years’ experience in pharmaceutical industry can start a pharmaceutical franchise with Albia Biocare, the best PCD franchise company in India .
2 > Why is it a better career option to start a pharma franchise than work in a company?
Use your expertise and experience to grow your business into one of the leading PCD Pharma franchises in India. Plus, you’ll learn more than your regular job because the profit margins are high. You have full responsibility and control over business decisions and deployments.
3 > Do they have any sales targets?
They don’t set any particular targets for our pharma franchises. The franchises associated with Numark Laboratories have always been proactive and work towards improving their sales and reach. It makes them one of the top PCD Pharma companies in India that has encouraged the development of many franchises.