Frequency Doubling Crystal

Explain what frequency doubling crystal is, focusing on the related properties of BBO frequency doubling crystal applications.

Frequency doubling crystal is a sort of nonlinear optical crystal used for frequency doubling impact

Basic requirements of frequency doubling crystal basic properties:

  1. Without main proportion;
  2. High transparency of essential and also double frequency waves;
  3. The quadratic nonlinear electrical polarization coefficient is large, because the frequency doubling conversion efficiency is proportional to the square of this coefficient;
  4. Partial matching capacity, particularly non-critical matching ability. Phase matching Angle and also temperature level tolerance need to be in;
  5. Great optical harmony, high damages limit;
  6. steady physical and also chemical properties;
  7. The growth procedure is fairly very easy to obtain crystals huge sufficient to reach functional lengths in the setting matching instructions.

BBO crystal

BBO crystal is a kind of nonlinear optical crystal with evident detailed advantages and also great efficiency. It has a very wide light transmittance range, very reduced absorption coefficient, weak piezoelectric ring effect. Compared with other electro-optic regulated crystals, BBO crystal has a higher extinction ratio, a bigger stage supporting role, a greater anti-light damage limit, broadband temperature level matching and excellent optical uniformity. It is beneficial to boost the security of laser outcome power, particularly for the three-way regularity Nd: YAG laser has a wide variety of applications.

Key use BBO crystal:

  • Utilized in 1064nm Nd: YAG laser with double, three-way, quadruple and also fivefold frequency.
  • Made use of in color laser and also titanium gem laser of double regularity, three-way frequency, sum frequency, distinction regularity, and so on.
  • For optical parametric oscillation, amplifier, and so on.

BBO switch

The electro-optical Q button made from BBO button is typically used in high repeating frequency, high power electro-optical Q-switched laser, all-solid picosecond, femtosecond regrowth amplification system.

As a result of the turn-off time of electro-optic Q button (<4ns) is much shorter than the optical break time of acousto-optic Q button. For that reason, the all-solid-state short-cavity Q-switched laser utilizing BBO electro-optic Q button can create high-energy laser with pulse size less than 4ns, which is the recommended light source of electro-optic inner sculpting device. BBO electro-optical Q switch can be shut off and stand up to as much as 150W of oscillating optical power in the dental caries (laser outcome power as much as 50W) without water air conditioning.