Check Website Speed Anti-hassle Using a Free Tool

It is important for you to always check the speed of your website, this is useful for various factors, especially for visitors.

Cek Kecepatan Website – In managing websites, everyone has the same dream: to have a website that can be accessed quickly. You have to believe, the length of time it takes for a site to fully load has a significant impact on a number of important factors. One of them is the level of comfort experienced by website visitors.

If a visitor feels uncomfortable when they arrive at your site, they won’t stick around to browse, and won’t even come back later. So it’s important for you to always maintain website speed. You also have to be diligent to always check the speed of your website.

On this occasion, let’s discuss website speed. Starting from the importance of website speed, the factors that influence it to the tools you can use to check website speed.

The Importance of Focusing on Website Speed

When you manage a website, you don’t just focus on what content you will display. But also other factors, such as how well the website will function when opened. The reason is that it will be difficult for you to achieve your goals, even if you have quality content, but it is not accompanied by good website performance.

In more detail, there are 2 reasons why you should focus on website speed.

1. Influence First Impressions

We all agree that everyone wants a good first impression. Now on a website, the first impression you will get is the speed of the web. If visitors don’t receive a good first impression, they are unlikely to return.

Just think about it, nobody wants to wait five minutes just to access a website.

2. Affect Income

If on your website you sell a product, then website speed will be very influential in this regard. A slow website can have a negative impact on your earnings. Outgoing visitors may be willing to buy something or provide helpful feedback.

But how will they want to buy, if they have left your website because it takes so long to load.

Check Website Speed with a Free Anti-Hassle Tool

If you want to check your web speed, there are several tools that you can use and of course it’s free. Some of the free tools are as follows.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google, the company that created the Google search engine, also provides a service to measure website loading speed.

This tool will use a scale expressed in percent to evaluate how fast your website loads. Your website is considered slow if it has a value between 0 and 49 percent. If your website loading value is between 50 and 89 percent, it means that your website speed has reached the average. and lastly, if the value is between 90 and 100 percent indicates that your website is loading fast.

In addition, Google PageSpeed Insights will offer recommendations on how the user experience can be improved on mobile devices.

2. GTMetrix

GTMetrix is ​​another option because it’s very easy to use. It’s free and easy, making it an excellent choice for beginners. When it comes to website speed, GTMetrix brings you an in-depth report based on suggestions from Google PageSpeed ​​Insight and YSlow.

GTMetrix places an easy-to-read website speed analysis summary at the top of the page. The summary details page size, number of requests, and total loading time. If you guys want to speed up your website, GTMetrix can analyze it and give you suggestions on how to do it

3. WebPageTest

WebPageTest is a tool for checking website speed which is just as good as the two just mentioned. This tool allows you to test the speed of your website from various locations around the world free of charge.

WebPageTest also has many additional features such as video capture, blocking certain content, comparing the first and second time you view a page, and varying your connection speed. The fact that WebPageTest already supports HTTP/2 is an advantage. With the addition of SSL and parallelism, you can evaluate the efficiency of your WordPress hosting

These are some of the tools you can use. Apart from the three tools listed above, there are many more that you can use for free, such as Pingdom, Chrome DevTools, Web Page Analyzer, and several other free tools.

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