How to become a MERN Stack Developer?

Do you want to become a full-stack developer? You will find different types of full-stack developers, but MERN stack developers are the most popular of these.

Do you want to become a full-stack developer? You will find different types of full-stack developers, but MERN stack developers are the most popular of these. Let’s keep it simple. A full-stack developer is someone who can build a complete web application with front-end and back-end development skills. A person who can create the same online application utilizing MongoDB, Express, Reactjs, and Node is known as a MERN stack developer. MERN stack engineers are skilled in JavaScript; they use JavaScript with Node.js for back-end operations and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for front-end operations.

What is MERN Stack?

One of the most widely used stacks for web development right now is MERN. MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js make up this system. Various batteries have a composition similar to the MERN battery, including the MEAN and MEVN batteries. While these other stacks are popular options, usage of the MERN stack has grown in recent years thanks to one key feature: React.

React is the most famous library in the world. React’s popularity stems primarily from its ability to simplify the creation and management of an application’s user interface (UI) and improve overall website performance. It also enjoyed the support of its creator Facebook and a community of enthusiastic users.

When you combine React with MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js, the result is a JavaScript-based technology stack that’s highly customizable, developer-friendly, and cost-effective because it’s completely open-source. The MERN stack works exceptionally well with social media platforms, news aggregation apps, and workflow management. It is currently used by several well-known companies, including Netflix and Uber.

What Is a Stack?

A stack is a collective name for the software and hardware required to create a website or online application. Stacks can be referred to by a number of characters, including tech stacks, solution stacks, and web development stacks. Stacks are all the resources that web developers use, including programming languages, frameworks, libraries, servers, software, etc., to complete a project. While developers can create their own tech stacks based on their needs, some stacks, such as the MERN stack, integrate so well that they have become accepted practices. The same team utilizes web development stacks regularly, which helps them work more productively, reduce unnecessary errors, and expedite the development process.

MERN Stack Full Form

It is an acronym for four different technologies, as mentioned below:

M – MongoDB




Since you have downloaded and configured the four technologies above, you should know how to create a new project folder to get started with the MERN stack. Then you need to open the folder on the CMD (or Terminal) and type the following command to initialize a package.json file: npm init. To get experience in the MERN Stack Developer company, you can enroll in a course.

MERN Stack Components

There are four components of the MERN stack. Let’s discuss each of them individually.

  • The first component is MongoDB, a NoSQL database management system. The second component of the MERN stack is ExpressJS. It is a backend web application framework for NodeJS.
  • The third component is ReactJS, a JavaScript library for developing user interfaces based on UI components.
  • The last element of the MERN stack is NodeJS. It is a JS runtime environment, allowing JavaScript code to run outside the browser. Let’s have a close look at MERN stack components.


MongoDB is a NoSQL DBMS that stores data in the form of documents with key-value pairs similar to JSON objects. MongoDB allows users to create databases, schemas, and tables. For updating, deleting, and querying records, the Mongo shell offers a JS interface.


ExpressJS is a NodeJS framework that makes it easy to write backend code. It saves you from creating multiple Node modules. To keep the code concise, ExpressJS offers several middlewares.


ReactJS is a JS library that enables mobile application development and SPAs. It lets you code in JavaScript and develop UI components. The JS library uses the virtual DOM for everything.


NodeJS is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment allowing users to run the server’s code. It comes with Node Package Manager or npm, enabling users to choose from a wide range of Node modules or packages. Developing on the Chrome JavaScript engine allows Node to run code faster.