How to tailor a Digital Marketing CV

As more online platforms and programmes emerge every day in the era of technology, digital marketing is a field that is continually expanding

As more online platforms and programmes emerge every day in the era of technology, digital marketing is a field that is continually expanding. A creative and gratifying career that promotes critical thinking and innovation on the job is that of a digital marketer. If you enjoy being creative and have a grasp of business and market research, you might succeed in a job as a digital marketer. In this article, we go over a CV Format and an example of a resume for a digital marketer.

What is a digital marketer?

An expert in marketing who focuses on online publishing and distribution of marketing materials is known as a digital marketer. Building brand voice, awareness, and interest in a business or brand takes up a significant portion of a digital marketer’s job. Digital marketers can achieve this by producing content for a variety of online channels, including social media, business websites, online adverts, email marketing, and more. A digital marketer may oversee all aspects of a business’s digital marketing, or they may develop digital marketing plans and collateral for particular goods or divisions.

In order to create a plan that best serves the market they serve, digital marketers typically perform market research as well. This could entail gathering consumer feedback or studying market trends for consumer behaviour.


Writing a resume for a position as a digital marketer


To write a resume to apply for employment in digital marketing, follow these steps:

  1. Welcome to the audience

Your name and contact information should be at the top of the page of your resume. A resume that includes your name and contact details can introduce you to potential employers and give them ways to get in touch with you right away. For potential employers to understand more about your experience as a digital marketer, you may also utilise this part for a quick opening paragraph known as a profile that provides some insight into your personality and values.


  1. List your previous professional employment.

Make entries for all of your professional employment history. This part, which you might call “Experience,” should identify the positions you have held in the past and highlight the knowledge and abilities you gained from each one. You can list the job title, the employer, the length of your employment history, and a few of the duties you carried out while employed for each entry in the “Experience” section.

Describe your academic history.

Include entries about your academic background. Education might be the heading for this section. You can add the school where you completed your degree along with the degree and any certificates you may have obtained since the majority of digital marketers have a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing, business, or a similar discipline.

  1. List relevant expertise

Give specific examples of any applicable talents you have for your career in digital marketing. A skills section might be crucial in a digital marketing resume because the field can call for specialised abilities that involve technical work and knowledge of various software programmes.

  1. Incorporate certifications and supplementary data

Make sure to list any qualifications you possess as well as any other professional experience that may be relevant to your work in digital marketing. If you’re making a section just for certifications, you might call it “Certifications,” but if you also want to include awards, certificates, or other accolades that demonstrate your skill, you can call it “Additional Credentials.” Among the certifications you could obtain as a digital marketer are the following:

  • Digital marketing certification from the American Marketing Association (AMA)
  • AdWords on Google
  • Social media marketing with Hootsuite
  • Google Digital Garage: Digital Marketing Foundations
  • Online Certification from the Content Marketing Institute
  • Digital Marketing Certification from eCornell
  1. Make changes in accordance with various job listings

For each position you apply for, change your resume in accordance with the job description. It can be helpful to update the material on your resume so that your abilities and experience most closely match those specified in a job offering.

Resume Format for a digital marketer

Here is a sample resume template for digital marketing:


[Tel. number]

[Email protected]


[A website or online gallery]


[Title of the job, duration]

[Name of company]

[Main responsibilities]

[Title of the job, duration]

[Name of company]

[Main responsibilities]

[Title of the job, duration]

[Name of company]

[Main responsibilities]



[Education and degrees attained]