How Much Does Hair Treatment Cost: A Comprehensive Guide

Want to know how much does a hair treatment cost? The price ranges from $4,000 to $15,000. Several factors lead to setting the price.

The answer to how much does hair treatment cost is $4,000 to $15,000. Since insurance companies consider hair transplantation, a cosmetic procedure, such costs are considered out of the pocket. Mean to say, there will be no extra support legally.

On the other hand, the price of hair transplant is dependent on several factors.

Place of Stay

The area where you live or will get the surgery done defines the price of hair transplant. The cost of living in the area and the surgeons living close by offering the procedure affects the service price or the surgeon’s charge.

Type of Hair Transplant

The type of procedure chosen is another factor for a hair transplant rate. FUT or Follicular unit transplantation and FUE or follicular unit extraction are charged differently.

Surgeon’s Experience/Skill

The experience or the skill of the surgeon is a deciding factor in setting the price of a hair transplant. Also, it’s a common correlation: If the surgeon is considered the best in this field, they may charge high prices. But, it does not guarantee that a higher hair transplant rate will give you a superior service. Here, apart from the how much does hair treatment cost query, you need to find out the skill and real experience of the surgeon. You’ll have to visit hair transplant centers for research.

How Much Hair to Be Transplanted

The number of bald patches to be filled will add up to the price of hair transplant. So, wanting a few or larger number of patches to be filled, it will significantly increase the rate. If you want hair across the entire scalp, then be ready to shell out more money.

Number of Session

In cases with more advanced hair loss, there will be a need of multiple sessions. The more the number of sessions, the higher the price will be.

Self-Expenses/Travel Cost

This is the price that is excluding the surgery or something the doctor will not charge. This is the price like a travelling cost. Sometimes for getting the procedure conducted by the best specialists, you may have to travel to far places. Such costs can change the decision to even opt for a hair transplant procedure.

Financing Options

For individuals who find it hard to undergo a hair transplant procedure, financing is an alternative. There will be zero upfront cost, but with monthly payment, an interest is added. So, the restoration charges will be more.


Hair transplants are an effective solution for hair loss. The cost of which varies based on the hair loss or the number of hair to be transplanted, and other factors which make it easy to know how much does hair treatment cost. Discuss the cost with your hair transplant specialist before you pay the price.