12 Ways To Be A Great Chauffeur

This article provides some useful insights that will assist you in not only thinking about who will drive your family, clients or colleagues.

This article provides some useful insights that will assist you in not only thinking about who will drive your family, clients or colleagues to the airport, hotel, or any other location or event where limousine services are required but also asking your transportation provider a few important questions.

There are a number of factors to consider, including:

1. Thought #1 – Obtaining the proper chauffeur’s license

A chauffeur may need a special license depending on the state or municipality. There may also be requirements for an individual’s age and driving experience as a chauffeur. Limo Chauffeur Sedan Service Boston companies that are reliable will be happy to provide you with proof that their drivers are qualified.

2. Thought #2 – Maintain a clean driving record

It is the chauffeur’s responsibility to ensure the safety of all passengers, and this responsibility starts with a spotless driving record. If your limousine company does not maintain a clean driving record, you should look elsewhere for transportation.

3. Thought #3 – Dress professionally

The most popular occasions to hire limousines are proms, weddings, anniversaries, business functions, and formal events. There is no way you would turn up at any of these places in jeans, and neither should your chauffeur. Wearing a black-and-white uniform is always appropriate for chauffeurs.

4. Thought #4 – Training should be adequate

A skilled chauffeur will have a clean license, a perfect driving history, and a sharp-looking uniform, but he or she will also be well-trained. Consider other factors, too, such as the chauffeur’s ability to help an older bride with a 13-foot train get into and out of a limousine without creases.

5. Thought #5 – Status of bonded employees

Chauffeurs who are valued, permanent and professional members of the limo company will be bonded employees. No amateurs, hackers, or contractors are allowed here.

6. Thought #6 – Be punctual

There should be no exceptions when it comes to chauffeurs arriving 15-20 minutes early for pickups. It is the responsibility of a responsible chauffeur to plan all routes ahead of time, taking into account any road- or weather-related delays, and planning alternate routes if necessary. Whether it’s a wedding, a surprise party, a business meeting, or anything else, a snazzy limo is useless if the chauffeur arrives late.

7. Thought #7 – Maintaining a meticulous personal appearance

As your family members, friends, colleagues, customers, and prospects enter and exit the vehicle, your chauffeur will be in close contact with them. In addition to having neat fingernails, neat hair, and clean teeth, a chauffeur should be meticulously groomed.

8. Thought #8 – Deal with pressure calmly

An average chauffeur is likely to encounter unexpected traffic on the road, tightly wound executives, and nervous brides (and their parents). Chauffeurs working on prom night or bachelor/bachelorette parties can expect excited passengers (and possibly inebriated people) to talk loudly over each other. Having steel nerves and the ability to handle any situation calmly is a must for a reliable chauffeur. Your limo company may have evaluation forms on file or online about specific chauffeurs regarding how they perform under high pressure.

9. Thought #9 – Determination

Some chauffeurs are privy to all kinds of moments in people’s personal and professional lives, and sometimes they don’t raise the privacy screen sufficiently. When it comes to chauffeuring, an excellent chauffeur always maintains discretion, decorum, and confidentiality.

10. Thought #10 – Extensive local knowledge

There is no substitute for a good sense of direction these days, even though GPS devices are widely available. Chauffeurs should know the area where they are riding, and they should stay on top of road construction and other events that might impact your ride. The ride should be relaxing – not screaming directions from your seat in the back like you are paying for a premium limousine service.

11. Thought #11 – interpersonal skills

Customer service should be excellent for a chauffeur who enjoys interacting with people. When making conversation with passengers, a chauffeur should know when to let them ride in peace and when to engage in pleasant conversation.

12. Thought #12 – Mindfulness & Detail-Orientation

An excellent chauffeur anticipates passengers’ needs and plans accordingly. Limo Service Boston Chauffeurs should provide umbrellas, shoe-shine cloths, and tissues for passengers who may need them. In addition to making sure the climate control systems are in good working order, chauffeurs should also ensure that passengers are never too hot or too cold inside the vehicle.