Where Does Our Digital Life End and ‘Real Life’ Begin?

Digital Suite, an essential tool within Legacy Suite, offers an automated solution to safeguard your digital life.


A time traveler from even twenty years ago would be astounded by the importance we place on digital and internet-based services for our everyday lives. Platforms like MySpace, eBay and Napster showed us a window of what a world focused on becoming faster could be. However, to consider the rate of progress in refining the digital services that we use is humbling, to say the least. The internet, initially a curiosity for the technologically-inclined, is now an unmissable part of who we are. The importance of an individual’s digital life grows with each passing year.

Social Media and Personal Brands

While it was designed to be a communication tool and a way to document our personal and professional lives, we are learning how to use social media to express different facets of who we are. This would often require a presence on a variety of different platforms, and for certain individuals using these spaces professionally, multiple accounts within a platform. We have refined our digital lives to make for a more coherent story. The shift from an unfocused trove of data to something that can read like this example below.

  • LinkedIn to look for jobs, showcase our professional milestones and develop business connections
  • Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family
  • Instagram for image-based communication and memes with acquaintances
  • Whatsapp for our inner circle
  • Twitter to keep in touch with news


Who we are online is more than just an avatar of our personalities, but a reflection of our personal brand. It is who we believe we are, and how this individual can participate and enrich the lives of others around us. This is an image curated over years of growth and iteration, and should be cherished. Our followers are a sign that this facet of who we are resonates with the wider public. Yes, there will even come a time when even our indoor sunglasses-toting photos from the awkward teenage years will provide that pang of refreshing nostalgia.

Entrepreneurship, Side-Hustling and the Search For Financial Freedom

By making communication richer, faster and more reliable, the internet has formed the backbone of international commercial activity. This digital infrastructure created significant opportunities for us to earn online.


Large and small enterprises alike are leveraging this unprecedented access to a public willing to vote with their wallets. Aided by the confinement of the pandemic, many individuals also joined the rush, and redirected our restless energy towards starting businesses. With many of these ideas involving e-commerce and digital goods, the desire to sell these items resulted in record numbers of Shopify and business websites being built.


Success in these fields requires an in-depth understanding of who the ideal customer is, why they like your product or service, and how to motivate them to buy more. This digital data protection is built over years of meticulous research and experimentation. The effort required to launch and maintain a successful e-commerce business often leads one to blur the line between where the enterprise ends, and the person begins.

Protecting Our Precious Digital Lives

The increased intertwining in interaction between the real and digital worlds is a phenomenon that feels unique to our time, but it is likely that this is only the beginning. Innovation in the technology space is not going to be slowing down, so we need to start learning how to protect our digital lives right now.


Digital Suite, an essential tool within Legacy Suite, offers an automated solution to safeguard your digital life. All the hard work put into crafting an online image and the businesses that thrive off it can now be safeguarded for generations to come.


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