Telemedicine App Development

EMedStore provides an all-in-one Telemedicine solution to enable doctors to provide virtual doctor consultation and add an additional revenue stream.
  • EMedStore is a renowned Telemedicine app development company that provides a feature-rich Telemedicine platform.
  • The HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform developed by EMedStore is a proven way to increase your patient visits and boost revenue.
  • It also increases patient satisfaction as they do not need to travel extra miles just for a routine checkup and primary doctor consultation.
  • This platform is available as an Android app, an iOS app, and a website also.
  • This platform suite consists of a Patient App, a Doctor App, and a Hospital App to fulfill every user’s requirements.
  • The hospitals providing home visits, clinic visits, or telemedicine can benefit from this platform,
  • In addition to all these functions, EMedStore also provides an integrated solution of telemedicine, online pharmacy, and lab booking functionality all in one place.
  • It is designed in such a way that favorable outcomes of telemedicine services boost the adoption of other service lines of hospitals like online pharmacies and labs.
  • Successful telemedicine visit > Customer satisfaction > Repeated visits > Repo establishment with the doctor > Utilization of other services.

Let us now know what benefits can businesses gain by implementing the Telemedicine platform of EMedStore.

  • You can evaluate the performance of specific doctors or various departments of the hospital so that you can focus on a particular service.
  • You can stand out from the competition and get an additional revenue stream.
  • You get a birds-eye view of all the appointments of your clinic and their status.

The users love the following features of our platform:

Patient Panel:

  1. Search Doctors
  2. Book Home/Clinic Visit
  3. Book Video Consultation
  4. View Upcoming Appointments
  5. Easy Access to Appointment History
  6. Notifications


Doctor Panel:

  1. Manage Profile
  2. Detailed Dashboard
  3. Cancel Appointment
  4. Update Availability
  5. Create and Share ePrescription
  6. Notification


Admin Panel:

  1. Powerful Dashboard
  2. Manage Services
  3. Register Doctors
  4. Reports and Analytics
  5. View Appointments
  6. Configure Notification


Optional Features:

  1. Integration with EHR, EMR, and HMS software
  2. App Localization
  3. Digital Health Records
  4. Wallet
  5. Video Session Recording
  6. Flat and Percentage Discounts