Level-Up Your Business Process with Microsoft Azure

There’s no question that cloud computing is on the rise, with more than 81% of companies running at least one application on cloud technology.

Microsoft Azure is cloud technology that has been a cornerstone in supporting those changes by processing large amounts of data and letting companies create dynamic and innovative ways of working. Without Microsoft Azure, many businesses would have been unable to work remotely throughout the peak of the pandemic.

Most larger-scale companies are successfully operating via cloud technology. While mid-size and smaller businesses are playing catch up, they’re struggling to harness the total value of what the cloud has to offer by moving applications without a complete digital transformation.

The Purpose of Cloud Transformation

Cloud technology is a big part of data modernization. When companies store something in the cloud, using developments like Microsoft Azure, they’re storing information on secure internet servers instead of computer hard drives.

The cloud is convenient, reliable and allows companies to expand their presence and workforce globally. When explained to those unfamiliar with the cloud, a great example is their email account.

Anyone who has utilized Gmail has used cloud technology, as all of that information is stored on internet servers instead of private computers. When you have to access your email, you can do it from any connected device, which means you do not have to be at home.

Cloud usage is skyrocketing because it provides businesses the means necessary to add to their remote teams and provide instant access to information employees need. There is no question that the cloud is vital to business modernization, notoriously making it easier to perform everyday company tasks such as:

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