5 Ideal Occasions to Celebrate on a Private Boat

Want to celebrate a special event on a private boat? Here are the special occasions for which you can hire one.

Ever wished to celebrate your special day on a private boat? When it comes to celebrations, we all want to find a unique venue with an ideal ambience – a party that you can host that will make a strong impression on your guests. Open grounds and function halls are dime a dozen, and you may have a ‘been there, done that’ kind of feeling. So why not, consider a boat charter on Sydney Harbour to experience a ‘memorable’, ‘mesmerising’, ‘never done that before’ kind of celebration!


The best part is you can tailor your requirements on the boat as per your taste. My first hand experience hiring a private boat, makes me vouch that you are in for the most beautiful time of your life. Here are a few perfect reasons to celebrate on a boat…


Family or Friends Reunion


During the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we lose out on quality time with our families or friends. Many of our loved ones are scattered in different parts of the world. This is the time when we can think of organising a reunion. Bring everyone together under one roof and celebrate with a private boat hire in Sydney. Choose the ideal season and invite the ones who can make it to the reunion. Enjoy the ambience, toast the old times, share some great laughs with your loved ones, what better way to make up for all the lost time than on a private boat cruising Sydney Harbour!


Hens or Bucks party 


Say goodbye to singledom with your friends and favourites! Hire a boat and host a once-in-a-lifetime hens or bucks party on Sydney Harbour. There will be enough space for games and other activities onboard. You can have food and drinks worked into your tailored party package or choose a boat that is amenable to BYO options to help keep your event within budget. When you charter a boat for the party, the theme and decor can also be tailored to your requirement. Disclaimer though, it depends on the boat you are set to hire. So, be merry and have some fun with your besties before the D-Day.




When it comes to couples, they have an anniversary for almost every beautiful instance in their life. Whatever be the romantic celebration, you can always opt to hire a boat to make your day more special. This is the most splendid surprise you can give your special one. Invite all your favourites, and make merry onboard the boat with drinks in hand. You can always hire a yacht if you want the anniversary to be an intimate affair. For celebrations with groups, chartering a boat is always the best option. So, go ahead and celebrate love as you cruise around the harbour. 


Baby Shower

The most beautiful moment for a woman is when she awaits the birth of her baby. Friends or family can surprise the mother-to-be with a baby shower for her. A spectacular experience on the cruising waters will no doubt bring a smile to her face. During the last leg of her pregnancy she will definitely be subject to mood swings. So, she requires all the positive vibes she can get. The aura of a private boat will certainly give her that and so much more. 


Corporate Event 

Looking for a venue that is the perfect blend of business and pleasure? Impress your clients or workmates by hosting a corporate event in a mesmerising setting. A boat hire offers almost all the amenities required for a seminar, product launch or client meeting. With space enough for both small and large groups, the backdrop of harbour views, a beautiful ambience and amazing dining experience – a boat hire has all the ingredients to make your event a raging success. 


So, why look elsewhere when you can celebrate any special occasion in an awe-inspiring venue like a private boat. If you liked my blog, please share your comments below.