What is the difference between uPVC and PVC doors?

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In the last decade, PVC and uPVC doors and windows have become increasingly popular in India. As a result of their growing popularity, wooden door manufacturers are facing stiff competition. The fundamental difference between PVC doors and uPVC doors is that uPVC doors do not contain plasticizers. In homes, uPVC doors are the best choice for entry and interior doors due to their durability and superior appearance. It is not surprising that uPVC doors have made quite an impact in the construction industry despite being introduced after PVC doors. 

Polyvinyl chloride is referred to as PVC. ‘Vinyl chloride’, a type of synthetic resin, is manufactured through the process of polymerization. There are similarities between uPVC and PVC in their molecular compositions, however, their properties are quite different. Plasticizers are added to PVC to make it flexible. For the bottle to be flexible and bendable, plasticizers are required. Natural gas, salt, and petroleum are common raw materials used in the production of standard PVC products. 

UPVC is an acronym for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. PVC and uPVC differ mainly in the fact that uPVC does not contain plasticizers. As a result, uPVC has amazing strength and toughness. Due to the fact that uPVC does not contain plasticizers, it is also eco-friendly and therefore popular all over the world for manufacturing windows, doors, pipes, etc. 

Here are some differences between PVC and uPVC doors:

  1. Hardware

It is not possible to install new hardware, such as handles or locks, on PVC doors. The doors are made of brittle vinyl, which makes them susceptible to cracking. Unlike PVC frames, uPVC frames are not susceptible to similar problems.  

  1. Durability

Since PVC is flexible, it cannot be used to make window frames, whereas uPVC is rigid, so it can be used to make window and door frames. The durability of uPVC is greater than that of PVC. A uPVC door is stronger, more durable, and better able to withstand all types of weather. 

  1. Strength 

uPVC doors have a multi-point locking system, which makes them more secure than PVC doors, despite both being lightweight. 

  1. Lifespan

The lifespan of a uPVC door is approximately 30 years, which is slightly longer than the lifespan of a PVC door. 

  1. Light Exposure

It has been found that PVC doors degrade when exposed to harsh sunlight for extended periods, even though the uPVC manufacturing process enhances the resistance to UV rays. 

It is well known that UPVC Doors and Windows are very popular in India. These windows are incredibly strong, have a strong frame, are corrosion-proof, and come with inbuilt locks.  

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