Make Your Drawing Floating

Floating Drawing

You’ve probably seen the popular video of a stick person drawing floating on water, but do you know the fascinating physics behind it? To make your drawings float, read on.

With children, make a Floating Drawing. This quick STEAM exercise for kids is simple and enjoyable. Every child fantasizes about having their drawing come to life and move about. Kids will love this engaging STEAM project since it combines science and art. As entertaining as it sounds to do it!

What can kids learn from DIY scientific activities like “Floating Drawing”?

Children will gain knowledge of chemistry behind dry-erase markers.

How to create your floating drawing on the water using a magic marker: Step-by-Step Instructions

STEP 1-  Use a whiteboard marker and a plate to create your drawing.

STEP 2-Try to erase your drawing with a dry finger after letting it dry for a minute.

STEP 3- If so, repeat the previous steps; if not, move on to the next stage. After the drawing has dried, carefully shift the plate while slowly pouring water onto the drawing’s edge.

The oily silicone polymer material that makes dry-erase markers inhibits the ink from adhering firmly to shiny or flat plate surfaces. It is also less dense than water and insoluble, meaning that it cannot dissolve in liquids. Therefore, when the water is poured, water molecules sneak beneath the dry-erase marker drawing’s surface and, not exactly magically, lift the drawing slowly onto the water’s surface.

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