Is javascript a website develpment language?

Javascript, usually known as Js, is a programming language extensively used for website development. But the scope of Js is very vast and a javascript developer

Javascript, usually known as Js, is a programming language extensively used for website development. But the scope of Js is very vast and a javascript development company employs this script in dynamic app development as well. This is because Js enhances the interactivity and robustness of the portal; hence it is widely used in developing gaming apps, 2D and 3D graphics animation, DB-based applications, and many more. 

Before JS, HTML and CSS were used for web page development, but there was a drawback to using these platforms. HTML and CSS can efficiently design a static page, but their compatibility with dynamic web page creations is complex. Js is compact, but its flexibility enhances the utility of the script. 

As a result, it facilitates developers to use the core of javascript for dynamic website development. Google, YouTube, and Facebook are top-notch dynamic website examples designed using Js. Some of the prominent features of Js are underneath:-

  • Displaying and removing information or menus
  • Hover effects, please
  • Creating carousel-style picture galleries
  • Zooming in or out on a picture
  • putting video or audio on a website
  • Animations 
  • Making menus in the drop-down and hamburger formats

Interactive social media application development using javascript

Javascript developers can quickly create mobile and online applications using this vast library of Js frameworks. These frameworks are the collection of JavaScript code that programmers utilise for standard functionality, and these frameworks are comparable to a plan. React, React Native, and Node.js is the most popular Js framework used to build social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Shopify. 

23/3D games development using javascript

Javascript is the most preferred language for gaming, car racing, and 3D puzzles. Platform games etc. There are a large number of free and open-source JavaScript game engines that offer frameworks for creating games like JawsJS, DarlingJS, and Backbone. Angry bird, cross-code, and Little Alchemy are some most popular games developed using javascript.

Why javascript is essential for application development

The conventional web development using HTML and CSS was static, and there was a lack of interactiveness. Javascript was introduced to eliminate that inert barrier and speed up the process of web development. Applications designed using Js are faster as Js code requires less memory for execution. Autocompletion is an exciting feature that eases the form-filling process by providing auto-fill functionality. 

Javascript is a front-end language because it is a client-side language. But developers can also use javascript in the back end of app development through the Node.js framework. So javascript can be used throughout the stack, for both the front-end and the back-end. 

JavaScript makes applications dynamic and interactive when utilized on the front end. It verifies submission forms, updates specific material on the page without changing the entire page, displays animations, and shows and conceals menus. 

The Node.js framework, when used for the back end, enables a server to manage front-end data updates and develop scalable network applications to handle multiple user requests simultaneously. So it is beneficial to hire javascript developers to get hassle-free app development using javascript.